For those who respect Salafeeyah and Jarh and Ta’deel.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

My dear brothers and sisters who have respect for the Salafi Da’wah,

For many years we have been hearing the words “Salafeeyah”, “Sunnah”, “Manhaj”, “Jarh Wa Ta’deel” and “The ‘Ulama” by many callers in the west. Unfortunately, behind these terms there has been a sinister agenda by some da’ees [callers] to foster Taqleed [blind-following] within Salafi communities. This Taqleed has been centered around specific scholars who the aforementioned da’ees have utilized to keep those who see and speak out about their wrongdoing in check.

Without doubt there is always need for the scholars who are the inheritors of the Prophets. Likewise it is impossible to understand the religion without scholarly guidance. However, the phenomenon of: “The Shaikh said this” & “the Shaikh said that” has been presented as answers instead of Allah and his Messenger (صلى الله عليه و سلم) have said. Therefore, instead of making the statements of the scholars as an extension or branch of the evidences they have made the evidences a branch of what the scholars have said.

Their methods mirror that of the methods of the Hardcore Madhabists. When one asks for evidences they are told the following:

  • Do you know better than the Shaikhs and the noble elders?
  • Are you a scholar?
  • So and so scholar is the flag bearer of Jarh Wa Ta’deel. [disparagement and appraisal]
  • The noble brothers have been giving Da’wah for years!
  • The scholars recommend these brothers.
  • You have no right to ask for evidences you just have to follow.

All these futile arguments are utilized in order to steer the questioner away from seeking evidences. Afterwards, shackles are placed upon their minds to the point that they are blind, deaf and speechless toward clear guidance and evidence.

Trinidad and Tobago is no different from Barbados, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and other western countries. This concept of blind loyalty to particular scholars and personalities has been planted, nurtured and harvested into ultimate havoc, chaos and recklessness to the point that there are youths who involve themselves in speaking about the Muslims who don’t have the necessary knowledge to live their lives as functional Muslims.

Oh those who respect Salafeeyah, reflect and ask:

  • Why can’t I ask for evidences?
  • Isn’t the way of the Salaf based on Allah, the Messenger and the Companions said?
  • Why do I have to follow statements which clearly contradict the reality?

The heart, which is the receptacle of the intellect, must be used to ponder and submit to the Verses in the book of Allah and the Ahadeeth in the Sunnah of the Messenger (صلى الله عليه و سلم). As for the statements of the scholars or “noble brothers” they are weighed according to the two sources of revelation and can be either accepted or rejected.

An argument may follow when the specific scholars, who they return to, appraise and disparage individuals it must be accepted without question. 

My dear brothers and sisters this is a false notion that has been used to secure control of many worldwide. Although I have written in a treatise of mine regarding this matter. I would like to re-iterate that not all Jarh [disparagements] are accepted even if they are Imams of the Sunnah. For this reason Imam Ibn Katheer said in his books the Summary of the Sciences of Hadeeth [220]:

And some of them have spoken about other than him and it wasn’t taken into account because of what they had between them from known animosity. And we have mentioned examples of this: The speech of Muhammad Ibn Ishaaq about Imam Malik and likewise the speech of Malik regarding him. And As Suhaili has spoken extensively about this. And likewise the speech of Imam An Nasai regarding Ahmad Ibn Saalih Al Misri when the latter prevented him from sitting in his classes.”

Lastly, I would like the Muslims to reflect upon the following statement which I told my former colleague before he climbed on the bandwagon:

“If you think that Shaikh Rabee’ is free from error regarding Jarh Wa Ta’deel this means that you perceive him to be greater than the scholars of the Salaf in this area from the  likes of Imam Shu’bah Ibn Hajaaj.”

Hence, how could great Imams of Jarh Wa Ta’deel from the Salaf such as Shu’bah, Malik and An Nasa’ee be considered as mistaken regarding some individuals yet stating that Shaikh Rabee’ was mistaken is tantamount to vilifying Salafeeyah and the Salafi methodology?

These are questions that each individual who truly loves and respects Salafeeyah and its knowledge based principles have to ask themselves. May Allah ta’ala bring us to the freedom of following evidences and principles and remove us from the prison of taqleed and blind partisanship.

Link to my previous treatise: Who are the extremists:









‘Abd or ‘Abeed aren’t just hurtful words.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

This is not an attack but simply advice and reality. From what is apparent, many brothers of West African heritage in the United States complain about being called ‘Abd or ‘Abeed by some Arab Muslims. Thing is such words are not only racist and offensive but it also harms your relationship with Allah ‘Azza Wa Jall for the following reasons:

  • The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said: “And do not say my slave boy or slave girl,” i.e if the person is actually your servant. So firstly, to call a person ‘Abd or ‘Abeed is something prohibited by the Messenger (صلى الله عليه و سلم) hence it is an act of disobedience in addition to being a racist term.
  • That when a person says this it resembles how Allah addresses his servants. Therefore, calling a person ‘Abd or ‘Abeed and not ascribing this slavery, bondage or servitude to Allah and Allah only is from minor Shirk in terms of speech.
  • When a person does so he or she would not be from those who have fully affirmed Tawheed but rather that person’s practice of Tawheed would be deficient and therefore the chance of entering Jannah without accountability and punishment would be cast aside.

My dear brothers and sisters, so we see how even racism could lead to one’s deficiency in Tawheed and our relationship with Allah ‘Azza Wa Jall. Racism affects our Tawheed, our Jannah, our love and our hatred which should only be for the sake of Allah alone. May Allah help us and give all of us guidance.

Continue studying Kitaab Ut Tawheed.

This great book, KItaab Ut Tawheed must be studied again and again. Not simply to repeat the issues (Masail) and teach it to others. Rather, we should do it, as with all other aspects of knowledge, in order to rectify ourselves with Allah ta’ala. And without doubt our worship to Allah and the relationship we have with him is based upon our knowledge, statements and actions regarding the ‘Aqeedah. For this reason I wanted to share some benefits with our esteemed Muslim brothers and sisters:

  1. That worshiping Allah through Riya (showing off) can become major Shirk if this is constant in every action. And this is the Shirk of the Munafiqeen. Furthermore, Riya  is considered as doing an action of ‘Ibaadah and beautifying it for others in addition to leaving off a good action out of fear for the people.
  2.  Doing actions of worship in order to obtain the Dunya is Shirk in intention also. If a person seeks knowledge to attain notoriety ,followers, money and women then he will have what he wants from this Dunya and he doesn’t get anything from the hereafter and this is if this evil intention is initiated at the commencement of the action of worship.
  3. Ascribing any favour to other than Allah is Shirk. For example, if one says my life wouldn’t have been saved except through the intervention of so and so then this is minor Shirk as one connects this favour to the reason that Allah himself has created. However, if one says it believing that their intervention was independent of what Allah has destined then this is major Shirk.
  4. Following the scholars and the rulers in making Halaal what Allah has made Haraam etc… If one believes that the scholar or ruler has the right to legislate however he wishes in Islam then this is major Shirk. However, if he believes that only Allah has the right to legislate but makes blind-follows and contradicts clear, unmistakable evidences due to this blind following then this is minor Shirk.
  5. If one says that the weather will be rainy because of a tropical depression  rather than ascribing the sending of the rain to Allah firstly this would be minor Shirk. And it would be major Shirk if the person believes that the tropical depression would cause the rain independent of Allah’s power.

May Allah forgive us for the Shirk we have committed and don’t know and may he keep us away from the blatant Shirk. The fact is that these forms of Shirk are so common in all media platforms that we may not pay attention to them to the extent that statements of Shirk may slip from our tongues and its aspects may manifest in our actions.

A call to reason

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Allah has said in his book: “And the good soil produces its fruit by the will of its Lord.”

Suffice to say that many times we recognize that which is superficial and ignore that which is in front of us. For many years, in the West, students have been leaving their countries in order to pursue Islamic Studies overseas, some have graduated, some have not (including myself). The big question I share today is regarding that which has been put forth on Western soil to bear fruit?

In other words, with all the recommendations from scholars and certificates from Universities circulating accompanied with much vigorous speech there is one factor which cuts through this masquerade which is simply: what have we produced?

Have we produced those who have memorized Qur’an?

Have we produced students who can teach Arabic?

Have we produced students who can teach the primers (Mutoon) in different Islamic Sciences?

Have we produced Khateebs who can shake the Minbar with Allah and the Messenger said?


Are we in the business of cloning sheep?

Just for us to know: Sh. Ibn Baaz produced, Sh. Muqbil produced, Sh. Al Albani produced, Sh. Uthaimeen produced and despite whether many may like it or not Sh. Yahya produced by Allah’s will.

So, is it just going to be a recommendation and qualification game or a numbers and followers game? Or is it about time that passing on this Prophetic inheritance and legacy is taken seriously?

Personally, I may be a skeptic but I am not impressed by recommendations and degrees. I met a Tableeghi who had a doctorate in ‘Aqeedah in Trinidad a few weeks ago, Yasir Qadhi has a masters from Madeenah and there are people who have certificates in Trinidad and speak ill of the major scholars.

Likewise, it may be that a filthy Khariji or someone who has shady character is highly recommended by a scholar of the Sunnah (as happened in Trinidad). Not that I am saying that the above matters are worthless however it is given its place once it corresponds to the reality.

So… O caller to Islaam, isn’t it time that your vision not be clouded by the fog and that you work to take ignorance from yourself and others?

Lastly I leave this post with the statement of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) where he said that Allah does not look at how you look like and your bodies but rather he looks at your HEARTS and your ACTIONS.

May Allah give us Tawfeeq to work HARD and produce a generation who can carry on Islam based on fundamental, sound knowledge.

From politics is to leave off politics

This is a famous statement made by Shaikh Naasir Ud Deen Al Albani wherein he demonstrated that delving into international politics is not for everyone. Rather, it is for those who specialize and are experienced in these matters. This past weekend, Donald Trump’s Riyaadh visit definitely displayed the vast difference between seasoned diplomats and armchair politicians.

If one looked at the whole anti-terrorism conference one would have noted the following:

  1. The hospitality that himself and his band of merry men were treated with in Saudi Arabia.
  2. The fact that before Trump’s speech King Salmaan criticized those who discriminate against others based upon nationality (and this was a hallmark in Trump’s campaign)
  3. That Trump was invited to speak in front of over 50 Muslim heads of state. And Trump HAD to be diplomatic and said the following:

i. That terrorism has no religion

ii. That most of the victims of terrorism are Muslims

ii. That Islam is one of the world’s great religions and a religion of peace

iii. That there is land in Saudi Arabia which is sacred

4. Trump himself had to hear about the anti-terrorism efforts made by Muslim             nations and meet several heads of state.

In other words, through extremely sharp and astute diplomacy King Salmaan was able to bring Trump to nullify months of anti-Muslim rhetoric within 30 minutes. And I am sure that this sent shock waves throughout the Right Wing establishment who will definitely see Trump as a traitor who has annulled  their cause for white power.

It is a possibility that as Western Muslims we may not understand the wisdom of such diplomacy because as a minority our diplomacy may have been based upon political confrontation. But at times we have to keep an open mind and understand that there may be different ways to get the same result.

Notwithstanding the fact that there are issues where constructive criticism is warranted (and this is done in front of the ruler not on the internet and the streets) we have to have a proper understanding regarding the possible relationships that Muslims and Non-Muslims can have according to the legislation. And once we build our understanding of this issue upon knowledge rather than street talk and rhetoric a proper judgment can be made.

Hence, although I dislike Trump and his racist, narcissistic, bullying mentality we should not make our dislike of individual propel us to opposing the injunctions of Islam.

And Allah knows best.

Poem against Anti-Black racism

Assalamu Alaikum,

This poem is called “Raising the status of the Africans” which is based upon a book by Imam As Suyuuti. I composed it because there is a lot of anti-black racism in the Muslim community. Hence, in these lines I made mention of the contributions of Africans to Islam the world over.