Uncovering the doubts of callers on social media. Part 5

Topic: What is the reality of Da’wah As Salafeeyah?

In this post I am not going to write extensively regarding the proofs that one should follow the Salaf Us Saalih. For those that wish to know about these proofs and understand them they can check here:


The goal of this post is to clarify the reality of Da’wah As Salafeeyah. Since many may know the proofs regarding it, many may ascribe to it but a minority know the reality of it. Hence I will write a few points regarding some misconceptions:

  • Salafeeyah means to follow the belief and the methodology of the pious predecessors, from the first three generations of Islam, regarding the religion. Anyone who adheres to these maxims is called a Salafi.
  • Those who propagate the methodology of the Salaf seek to unite the Muslims upon the truth, upon evidences of the Qur’an and the Sunnah with the understanding and consensus of the first three generations of Islam. Hence, the purpose of warning against individuals who promote misguidance, Shirk and Bid’ah is to bring the Ummah back to guidance of Tawheed (monotheism) and the Sunnah upon Prophetic methodology.
  • An important factor of unity is to unite under a leader as this brings about many benefits which include the establishment of the religion and the security of one’s wealth and person. Hence, obedience to the Muslim ruler, even those who are tyrannical, is not a ‘Madkhali’ fabrication. Rather this is established by the religion and by extension common sense. 
  • The scholars of Salafeeyah must be loved and are the most important means for us to understand the religion and to connect ourselves with the inheritance of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم). To connect ourselves with the scholars, to take from their wisdom and to consult them is obligatory. However, it does not mean the following:

1. That we connect Salafeeyah exclusively to one scholar or a group of scholars. Such a practice is reprehensible Hizbeeyah (partisanship) which is frowned upon in the religion of Islam. It is impermissible to take an individual and his statements to determine one’s Walaa (allegiance) and Baraa (disassociation). Such Hizbeeyah has led to the following:

i. Some scholars have been raised to a level of infallibility wherein their statements and pronouncements are rendered beyond question. Furthermore, if someone dares to question or critique using proofs, statements of the Salaf and contemporary scholars he is rendered an innovator, a fool and one who opposes the Salafi Methodology.

ii.  Scholars who are known for their adherence have been figuratively thrown under the bus. Although these scholars haven’t done anything to oppose the ‘Aqeedah and the methodology of the Salaf they are warned against and vilified for their positions regarding specific individuals. Such behaviour has led to division among those who claim to adhere to the same creed and methodology. And since well respected scholars were thrown under the bus on a regular basis this has restricted the channels from which Salafi youth can benefit from. Furthermore, it has led the Salafi youth so confused to the point that many have left Salafeeyah altogether. It has also led to the rise of cannibalistic (as they eat the flesh of the scholars), opportunist charlatans to attack Salafi scholars and the Salafi methodology to the point that they openly vilify the likes of Imam Al Barbahari, Imam Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab, Shaikh Saalih Ibn Fawzaan Al Fawzaan and others.

2. It also doesn’t mean that we connect Salafeeyah to a particular organization and render those who critique that organization as innovators. Rather it is upon such an organization e.g SPUBS to make introspection and examine as to whether or not they are adhering to the methodology of the Salaf in the particular issue which they are criticized for to determine as to whether or not they have been criticized fairly. This is because everyone makes mistakes, errors and forgets and as a result of our nature as mankind we need beneficial reminders.

In conclusion, although there are many misconceptions in social media regarding Salafeeyah those which I have mentioned are circulating around social media currently. This, in addition to the sustained attacks of several individuals on  Salafeeyah, its Imams and its foundational principles have led me to write a series of posts which shall end in the coming weeks In Sha Allah. 

Note: Sh. Rabee’ is a scholar from Ahlus Sunnah. He isn’t infallible in any form or fashion and without doubt many (including myself) have misgivings of what he has said recently against established Salafi scholars who are known to adhere to and teach the Sunnah. The statements of everyone, including scholars, are measured according to evidences and consensus. As Ibn Rajab Al Hanbali said: “Truth is not known by men but rather men are known by the truth.”

However, the purpose of the use of name tags such as ‘Madkhali’ and ‘Madakhilah’ by the people of innovation and desires returns to two matters:

i. His strong refutations against the methodology and principles of the Ikhwan Al Muslimeen.

ii. His strong refutations against misguided individuals from the Ikhwaan Al Muslimeen such as Hasan Al Banna, Sayyid Qutb and Mauduudi.

To reiterate, refuting those who oppose the methodology of the salaf and obeying the rulers, are not ‘Madkhali’ innovations. Rather these are well established principles which the people of desires don’t adhere to. Hence, they use countless means to direct the masses away from understanding and implementing these principles.

  And Allah knows best.


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