Continue studying Kitaab Ut Tawheed.

This great book, KItaab Ut Tawheed must be studied again and again. Not simply to repeat the issues (Masail) and teach it to others. Rather, we should do it, as with all other aspects of knowledge, in order to rectify ourselves with Allah ta’ala. And without doubt our worship to Allah and the relationship we have with him is based upon our knowledge, statements and actions regarding the ‘Aqeedah. For this reason I wanted to share some benefits with our esteemed Muslim brothers and sisters:

  1. That worshiping Allah through Riya (showing off) can become major Shirk if this is constant in every action. And this is the Shirk of the Munafiqeen. Furthermore, Riya  is considered as doing an action of ‘Ibaadah and beautifying it for others in addition to leaving off a good action out of fear for the people.
  2.  Doing actions of worship in order to obtain the Dunya is Shirk in intention also. If a person seeks knowledge to attain notoriety ,followers, money and women then he will have what he wants from this Dunya and he doesn’t get anything from the hereafter and this is if this evil intention is initiated at the commencement of the action of worship.
  3. Ascribing any favour to other than Allah is Shirk. For example, if one says my life wouldn’t have been saved except through the intervention of so and so then this is minor Shirk as one connects this favour to the reason that Allah himself has created. However, if one says it believing that their intervention was independent of what Allah has destined then this is major Shirk.
  4. Following the scholars and the rulers in making Halaal what Allah has made Haraam etc… If one believes that the scholar or ruler has the right to legislate however he wishes in Islam then this is major Shirk. However, if he believes that only Allah has the right to legislate but makes blind-follows and contradicts clear, unmistakable evidences due to this blind following then this is minor Shirk.
  5. If one says that the weather will be rainy because of a tropical depression  rather than ascribing the sending of the rain to Allah firstly this would be minor Shirk. And it would be major Shirk if the person believes that the tropical depression would cause the rain independent of Allah’s power.

May Allah forgive us for the Shirk we have committed and don’t know and may he keep us away from the blatant Shirk. The fact is that these forms of Shirk are so common in all media platforms that we may not pay attention to them to the extent that statements of Shirk may slip from our tongues and its aspects may manifest in our actions.


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