A call to reason

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Allah has said in his book: “And the good soil produces its fruit by the will of its Lord.”

Suffice to say that many times we recognize that which is superficial and ignore that which is in front of us. For many years, in the West, students have been leaving their countries in order to pursue Islamic Studies overseas, some have graduated, some have not (including myself). The big question I share today is regarding that which has been put forth on Western soil to bear fruit?

In other words, with all the recommendations from scholars and certificates from Universities circulating accompanied with much vigorous speech there is one factor which cuts through this masquerade which is simply: what have we produced?

Have we produced those who have memorized Qur’an?

Have we produced students who can teach Arabic?

Have we produced students who can teach the primers (Mutoon) in different Islamic Sciences?

Have we produced Khateebs who can shake the Minbar with Allah and the Messenger said?


Are we in the business of cloning sheep?

Just for us to know: Sh. Ibn Baaz produced, Sh. Muqbil produced, Sh. Al Albani produced, Sh. Uthaimeen produced and despite whether many may like it or not Sh. Yahya produced by Allah’s will.

So, is it just going to be a recommendation and qualification game or a numbers and followers game? Or is it about time that passing on this Prophetic inheritance and legacy is taken seriously?

Personally, I may be a skeptic but I am not impressed by recommendations and degrees. I met a Tableeghi who had a doctorate in ‘Aqeedah in Trinidad a few weeks ago, Yasir Qadhi has a masters from Madeenah and there are people who have certificates in Trinidad and speak ill of the major scholars.

Likewise, it may be that a filthy Khariji or someone who has shady character is highly recommended by a scholar of the Sunnah (as happened in Trinidad). Not that I am saying that the above matters are worthless however it is given its place once it corresponds to the reality.

So… O caller to Islaam, isn’t it time that your vision not be clouded by the fog and that you work to take ignorance from yourself and others?

Lastly I leave this post with the statement of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) where he said that Allah does not look at how you look like and your bodies but rather he looks at your HEARTS and your ACTIONS.

May Allah give us Tawfeeq to work HARD and produce a generation who can carry on Islam based on fundamental, sound knowledge.


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