Jarh and Tadlees spubs style

After it was said that Sh. Fawzaan warned from the likes of Yahya Al Hajoori by Amjad Rafeeq on this link:


And after Mustafa George made various analogies regarding Sh. Fawzan’s visit to Sh. Yahya saying maybe Sh. Fawzan went to advise Sh. Yahya about his errors and bid’ah. This phone call took place between someone in the United States and Sh. Fawzaan:


On this juncture the request to spubs is as follows:

1. PUBLICLY apologize for writing and speaking contrary to that which has occurred.

2. Leave off their Jarh and Tadlees for the following reasons:

(i) Sh. Fawzaan doesn’t mean that he is unknown (majhool). Rather the audio shows that  he doesn’t personally know him and has only heard good about him relayed by others.On the flip side if one were to say that Sh. Fawzaan praised a person who was completely unknown regarding his condition this would be an improper accusation to level at the Shaikh.

(ii) This is seen as an appraisal (Ta’deel) as he relied upon the statements of others (who he sees as trustworthy) to say: “Listen to him.” And in the books of Jarh Wa Ta’deel one would find that scholars would build their praise or disparagement upon what was relayed to them by trustworthy individuals. 

(iii) As for the disparagement of some scholars and spubs it was built upon lies, half truths and statements taken completely out of context.

Truth be told if they can say that Sh Yahya praises the Shia, loves others to overpraise him, has spoken ill about the Sahabah more than anyone else (Shamsudeen of Daar Us Sunnah), and has spoken ill of the Prophet (which constitutes Takfeer), and furthermore indirectly implicate Sh. Fawzaan in their shenanigans then it would be easy for them to spin around Sh. Fawzan’s recent speech to mean other than that which was said.

#spubs Jarh Wa Tadlees





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