Why Alleppo?

A lot of us are shocked and saddened at the atrocities going on in Alleppo currently. Thousands of people have been barrel bombed and are currently being massacred on site by Shia militias from both Iran and Hizbullah (something which Unitarians like the Ikhwaan Ul Muslimeen don’t want us to acknowledge). But what is the reason why the Ummah is so weak and impotent that military aid is not forthcoming from the Ummah?

Again we have to look at the Hadeeth of the Messenger (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said regarding this:

1. The Hadeeth in Abu Dawud wherein he said: “If you trade in ‘Eeenah (a type of interest), and hold unto the tails of cattle and become pleased with farming and leave off Jihaad (fighting for the sake of Allah according to how he has legislated) then Allah would bring humiliation upon you and he would not remove it until you return to your religion.”

In this Hadeeth you have 5 major points:

(1) The Muslims would engage in widespread major and minor sins and would employ trickery to make it seem that they are blameless in doing such.

(2) The Muslims would hold stringently unto the life of this world and would forget the hereafter.

(3) The Muslims would leave off acts of obedience and from these acts is legislative Jihaad (not the ISIS, Al Qaeeda suicide bomber, killing innocent people type).

(4) That humiliation and its removal of it is in the hands of Allah. And the reasons for such humiliation has been elaborated upon in points 1,2 and 3.

(5) That the means to remove such humiliation is by returning to the religion. By doing acts of obedience, staying away from acts of disobedience and directing one’s life to the hereafter rather than this world.

The second Hadeeth which is in Abu Dawud states:

“… (Allah) will put into your hearts Wahn (weakness). The companions asked: “And what is weakness?” He (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said: “Love of this world and hate of death.”

This demonstrates our weakness in military prowess. During and after the Prophet’s death the Sahabah faced armies that were far more militarily advanced than themselves. In the battle of Badr the Quraish had far more weaponry and personnel. So to in the battles against Persia, the Eastern Roman Empire and the Visigoths of Spain. But the difference was that they had Imaan, righteous deeds and hearts that were directed toward the hereafter rather than this world.


Another thing also we have to stop this narrative of “they”. We often hear that “they” are suffering in Palestine or “they” are suffering in Alleppo or “they” are suffering in Burma. No, we are all suffering in Palestine, Alleppo, Burma, Kashmir etc. But what do we have to do? What is the solution?

Do we protest on the street?

Do we go to Syria to join the Cartoon Caliphate of ISIS?

Do we go and speak ill of our Muslim rulers?

No, rather what we have to do is be better Muslims, every single one of us and that is the first step to victory as a people. Secondly I ask that Allah ta’ala brings one united voice among the current Muslim rulers either to defend those who are being oppressed or direct stern words toward their oppressors.

Lastly, this is not new to the Ummah. The Crusaders filled the streets of Jerusalem with blood, the Tatars filled the streets of Baghdad with blood and now the Nusairis and Shi’a are filling the streets of Alleppo with blood. The challenge is will our current response be that of Salahudeen Al Ayyubi and Ibn Taymeeyah or would it simply be protests, consolations and blame directed to our rulers (which is against the creed of Ahlus Sunnah)?



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