Stand up and be counted

Just another address to my American brothers and sisters.

The only way we can stay up is to stand up.

My dear brothers and sisters seek knowledge regarding this religion. Knowledge is the basis of action and brings about correct action.

So sisters don’t take off your Hijaab, wear it and wear it properly with all its requirements.

Brothers wear your Islamic clothing and keep your beards.

Raise your children upon Islamic belief, morals and manners.

Make your da’wah even more widespread to the people including the xenophobes.


Muslims in the U.S are in a unique position to spread Islam even with islamophobia and hate crimes. How?

Not through protests and political activism.

Rather by practicing true Islam. Islam according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Showing that Islam is about Tawheed and about good manners; being courteous, caring for your neighbours, your co-workers and being just and truthful even if it be against ourselves.

Show them that Islam is about respecting women, giving them rights, uplifting their status and treating them well. Not about degrading them and treating them like pieces of meat who are treated according to one’s whim and fancy.

Likewise, that Muslims are those who exercise forbearance even in times of severe adversity. And that we are of those who don’t give up our religion and identity even if the going gets tough. Because the championship rounds show the true character of the fighter. Yes my brothers and sisters, you may get mocked and taunted but by Allah’s will then forbearance some hearts will be guided and many would notice and you would be examples and luminaries for those to come.

Sh. Muqbil said: “Verily trials bring out true men (and women) that Allah raises in levels.”

After Malcolm X went to Hajj he came back to the U.S and demonstrated that he was uncompromisingly Muslim. And although his life was threatened he never stopped until he was brutally murdered. But even when they took his legacy lived on to the point where many have become Muslim by Allah’s guidance and then reading his biography.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, even if trials and difficulty may face us remember that this time is a time of upliftment and a time to leave a great legacy for the generations to come. It is a time to be a true Muslim.

And Allah knows best.


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