Some benefits regarding memorization

We have heard many different benefits by scholars and students of knowledge and to summarize In Sha Allah I will just break the pillars of memorization:

  1. The relationship with Allah and that is manifested through acts of obedience and sincerity to him.
  2. The physical and mental condition of the person memorizing i.e the student should be healthy avoid eating, drinking and thinking about things which may harm his memorization.
  3. Time of memorization (which is preferably before and after Fajr)
  4. The environment where the memorization is taking place (preferably in a masjid or a place which has lack of distractions)
  5. That which is being memorized (it must be from the books which the scholars place reliance upon)
  6. Someone to check the memorization (teacher or peer)
  7. The methodology of memorization.

As for the methodology it requires that a student repeats and reviews on a regular and consistent basis.

One of the things that a student must look out for is the differences between the different particles (حروف) because most of the problems many students encounter when they are memorizing or reviewing returns to this matter in that he may replace one particle with another. Hence, it is important to may attention to that and if problematic to repeat that particular section of the verse or Hadeeth (5x at least) would help a lot.

And Allah knows best.


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