Salafi without…

Assalamu Alaikum my dear brothers and sisters,

Alhamdu Lillah Allah has guided us to understand that following the way of the Salaf (being Salafi) is the correct way to follow Islam. The evidence regarding this matter such as the Hadeeth of ‘Irbaadh and the Hadeeth referring to the separation within the Ummah are clear and well known hence for the sake of brevity I would not reiterate them.

However, there is an important matter which needs clarification. Do we REALLY want to follow the Salaf or do we want to be Salafi on OUR terms or the terms of a particular individual or group?

This is why the book Siyar ‘Alaam An Nubala is so important. Of course clarifying our ‘Aqeedah, standing firm against falsehood and refuting the people of innovation is the foundation of our Salafiyyah and this is manifest in the aforementioned book. But also other matters such as their manners, their worship, their methodology in seeking knowledge (through memorization, implementation, travelling to seek knowledge etc.) should also be of major importance to us.

Why? Because we would see the faults we would have within ourselves and reach higher. We wouldn’t try to be a salafi/rudeboy or a salafi/playboy. We would truly try to be like the Salaf in all aspects of the religion. We would try to treat the people as they did, worship Allah as they did, read the Qur’an like they did, seek knowledge like they did and in the end die upon true Islam as they did as Allah said after mentioning the Muhajirun and the Ansaar:

و الذين اتبعوهم باحسان رضي الله و رضوا عنه

And those who follow them in goodness Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah.

So let us not just brandish the name left and right as a slogan. Let us truly BE Salafi.



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