Know thy station

My dear brothers and sisters, 

From that which we have been ordered to do in this noble religion is give everyone their rights which ranges from the rights of the Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم to the rights of animals. Amongst the most important of theae rights is the rights of our scholars upon us. Our scholars who are the inheritors of the Prophets, those who truly fear Allah, those who Allah has raised in ranks, those whose vietue over us is like the virtue of the moon over the stars. We don’t say anything but food about them and whoever speaks ill of them is not upon the correct path.

On this occaision, I would like to write about the recent statements of Yasir Qadhi regarding the scholars of Islam. This individual has on many occaisions has degraded the scholars making them seem incapble of dealing with modern issues. At the same time he seeks to make himself the viable alternative to these scholars for Western (English speaking) Muslims.

My dear brothers and sisters, Yasir Qadhi in a recent video claimed that the scholars are scared to go into Yale and Harvard because they would be exposed to doubts. Secondly he claimed that he  jumped into the deep end (in going to Yale) and was forced to rethink everything he learnt. Thirdly, he claimed that what the Islamic institutions teach is not what Allah has revealed.

In response to this I say that firstly Yasir Qadhi doesn’t realised and has never realized the difference between himself who has a Master’s degree from Madeenah and a scholar who has dedicated up to 40, 50 or 60 years of his/her life studying, memorizing and understanding the Qur’an and the Sunnah. He doesn’t realize that having a certificate from an institution doesn’t neccesitate knowledge and that it only indicates that his journey of Islamic knowledge in reality has now began and that it would take him tens of years of studying, teaching and researching to realize that he knows little.

Secondly, why expose yourself to doubts regarding the religion? And why should one listen to the likes of Tony Blair and be in awe of his eloquent speech about a religion he dislikes and doesn’t practice? Why expose oneself to a bunch of Ivy league ‘professors’ of Islam who have not taken any knowledge from its inheritors? It is small wonder that he said that his brain became scrambled to the point that he doesn’t know truth from falsehood and guidance from misguidance which are both clearly outlined in the Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah. This only occurs because one has left what is established for that which is based upon scepticism and rhetoric.

Thirdly, he makes it seem like the scholars are no match for these characters. The reality of the matter is that Yasir is no match for any of these characters because of his shallow understanding of Islam. As for the scholars who have spent the best part of their youth and old age engrossed in knowledge through seeking it, learning it, understanding it, teaching it and acting upon it, then there is no doubt that these so called Western experts wouldn’t even be a match for any of them.

Additionally, he claimed that he had jumped off the deep end when he went to Yale. Which deep end exactly? Is there anyone of them who can explain Ibn Katheer and go through its chains of narration? Is there anyone of them who can go through Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Nasai and Abu Dawuud by explaining it and going through its chains of narration? Yasir, claims that he was thrown in the deep end at Yale yet has he thrown himself into the deep end in Usool Ul Fiqh or Arabic Language or Tafseer or the Science of Hadeeth or Fiqh? And have those who follow him blindly even read the abridged version of Ibn Katheer or Saheeh Al Bukhari?

Then he says that the Islamic institutions do not teach what Allah has revealed but rather it simply constructs a building. I am certainly dumbfounded as to how Yasir can gain true understanding of Islam by sitting with Tony Blair in Yale and draw the conclusion, after studying in Yale, that Azhar and the Islamic University of Madeenah don’t teach the religion as it was revealed. So I am wondering if Yasir is taking up such a challenge since it is apparent from his speech that this necessary information has been hidden from Muslims for centuries.

In conclusion, it is clear that Yasir is a confused induvidual who doesn’t know the rights of the inheritors of the Prophets. My dear brothers and sisters, ithe Prophet said that Allah takes away the knowledge by the death of the scholars hence to degrade them is to degrade the knowledge of Allah’s book and the Sunnah of the Messenger. Likewise, if leadership in knowledge is removed (because the scholars are from the leaders of the Muslims) it would lead to chaos and confusion regarding the establised principles of Islam.

May Allah guide everyone to what he loves and is pleased with.


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