Long Hiatus.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

I know it has been quite a long while since I have written however by Allah’s will our brothers and sisters would benefit from a treatise regarding how the people of innovation should be dealt with. The treatise is based on quotes from the Salaf, the scholars of the middle period and the scholars of this time. And although it was written about 3-4 years ago and shown to Shaikh Abul Yamaan, I had to make amendments to it because of what is obvious from extremism and leniency regarding this matter.

As a reminder, I urge the brothers to make effort regarding that which would benefit them and to disregard those who thrive upon mischief. Likewise, if one makes a mistake and does not show partisanship toward it, let us correct it with the best of manners rather than resorting to immature schoolboy tactics which are a fixture of tabloid magazines worldwide. Verily, the great scholar of the Salaf, Ibn Mubarak said:

“We are more in need of a small amount of manners than a great amount of knowledge.”

May Allah benefit us with beneficial knowledge, righteous actions and a good end.


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