Some advice of Sh. Abu Hizam regarding memorisation

He said: “The memorizers are few and Allah’s help is sought. Oh brothers, I encourage you to memorize the two authentic collections (Bukhari and Muslim), or one of the authentic collections if it is not easy for you, then what is specific to the other. Either to memorize Saheeh Muslim then what is contained only in Bukhari, or to memorize Saheeh Al Bukhari and then what is contained only in Saheeh Muslim.

It is a must to proceed toward memorization, memorization is knowledge and it is one basis of the principles knowledge. As for the one who only does research and reads it will go away from him as it is not like memorizing. What is memorized is what will remain with you. It is important that a student of kmowledge establishes himself upon memorizing and has patience upon it even if he memorizes a little or that his memory isn’t strong.

By Allah my brothers, if someone didn’t memorize except one hadeeth or two hadeeth daily how many Hadeeth would he have by the end of the year if he memorized two Hadeeth? In one year how many? 720, okay leave it at 700 taking away ten days. 700 hadeeth in one year. Therefore, in five years rather in two years he would have 1500, 1400 for the least by memorizing only two hadeeth per day. In three years he would complete Saheeh Muslim and this is regarding the one who’s memory is weak. How about if he was able to memorize five or 10 Hadeeth per day? He would be upon a good path by the will of Allah. Buthe needs to have patience and perseverance.

And the soul learns toward researching and reading and classes because this is easy but as for memorization it is difficult upom the individual especially when one has to revise. Therefore, one must develop patience when dealing with difficulty.  Rather, if you take one book you would not have lost. If you stay upon that one book for five years for example Riyad As Saliheen, and I am speaking to those who have wea memory, five years you stay upon that book you would not have lost and you would have left with Riyad As Saliheen.

It has among us who has been studying for ten years and hasn’t memorized Umdah Al Ahkaam which shows that he has not persevered upon memorization and revision. Therefore put emphasis upon memorizing my brothers because it is one of the principles of knowledge, learning and understanding the religion of Allah. Likewise in learning the creed and it is a principle in public speaking and research and writing. It is possible that a researcher may say that he hasn’t found a Hadeeth and it is in Bukhari and Muslim. It is a great deficiency regarding the researcher. He may say I haven’t found it in the two authentic collections or ascribes it to Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi and it is in Bukhari and Muslim. And the likes of this occur.


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