From the ways of the innovators

Musa Millington

Years ago I read Al Fatawa Al Jaleeyah by the great scholar, the Mufti of southern Saudi Arabia, Sh. Ahmad An Najmi, and wrote some benefits from it but unfortunately I forgot to reference these benefits. I pulled out my notebook and looked back at some of these benefits and Allah gave me guidance to also find the reference for a particular quote referring to one of the manners or ways of the people of innovation which is especially pertinent to the times we live in and the trials we encounter from claimants to Salafeeyah. The reference for it is on pages 30-31, Answer #39 of Fatawa Al Jaleeyah.

The Shaikh said:

“…فلربما يحصل من الإنسان كلمة و هو مستطرد في الكلام فالعدو المتربص بأخذها و يفرغ عليها و يدعى بها ادعاوات عريضة

Therefore it may be that a person may say a word (or a statement) when he is speaking…

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