Radical Atheism at work

Atheist Radicalism

As I wrote some days ago, radicalism and terrorism are not sole phenomenons of Islam. A few days ago, an atheist who had clearly extremist ideologies regarding his faith or lack of it, gunned down three innocent Muslims in the United States. However, I am guessing that many don’t even have the slightest idea that this has happened because fox news, bbc and cnn have not featured it. Even the Trinidad Express mentions that it was a dispute over parking! Other sources mentioned that the atheist was in need of psychiatric help! The media outlets do so in order to palm the blame off the main factor which motivated the killing which was extremist atheist ideology.

Now if the situation was reversed where an Arab or Pakistani killed three white people Islam would have taken the blame and issues regarding mental health and parking tickets would have been cast aside. If it was an African American who killed three white people it would have been said that it was a manifestation of the natural violent tendancy of blacks which is expressed through gang activity.

How quickly we forget that in the United States terrorist groups such as the KKK and the Neo-Nazis still exist and that terrorising non-whites is nothing new. The massacre of native Americans, the lynchings of African Americans by the KKK, the Jim Crow laws and extra-judicial killings done by white policemen in this time. Now this is not a rant to hate whites, rather we must realize that up to this day the United States hasn’t eliminated the super structure of their society which continues to maintain and affirm white superiority.


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