… then you would see whether you were riding a horse or a donkey.

Fitnah is indeed a trail and has its difficulties however in the same instance it is a great blessing as it separates those who are upon truth and those who simply declare such. Likewise, from fitnah we know those who struggle and would continue to struggle in the way of Allah, and those who would either abandon what they were upon or abandon the people of truth in the heat of the battle.

Many have fallen and some have risen. If it was not for Allah declaring that fitnah would occur the apostates of Abu Bakr’s time would not have been revealed. Likewise the Khawarij, the Raafidah and others who have deviant creeds would not have been exposed. Likewise, we would not have known the true value of the struggle and works of Shaikh Ul Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah, Shaikh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab, Shaikh Al Albani and Shaikh Muqbil.

Brothers who were seemingly upon the creed of the Salaf would not have been truly exposed as being Ikhwani, Suroori, Isis fan boys or just followers of the Dunya. Wherein there are those who do that which they hated and dislike that which they use to do. And it simply starts from one sparks which spreads far and wide. That spark can be Tamyee’, as occurred in Trinidad, extremism or the seeking of wealth and status.

We simply have to look at what is happening currently. Years after Shaikh Yahya spoke about the situation in Yemen it occured:

1. He said: “If Dammaj falls what is after is easier.” Now the Huuthis dominate the major cities of Yemen.

2. He clarified the status of ‘Abdur Rahmaan Al ‘Adeni and everyone refused his speech. Now those who refused his speech previously, are now saying that he is negligent regarding the da’wah and shouldn’t be teaching.

3. He clarified the status of Muhammad Al Imaam since he brought out the book Al Ibaanah. No one listened. Now, he is being called an Ikhwani, astray innovator by their Mashayikh!

4. He clarified that Haani Buraik was a person of fitnah, none of the Ulama of Yemen believed him. Now they all signed saying that Haani Buraik is a person of fitnah and that the people should distance themselves from him!

Now the dust on this whole fitnah is settling, and we shall see whether there was a donkey we were riding or a horse when it all settles. As we say here in Trinidad: “What you can see in the day doh take lamp to see at night.”


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