Ibn Baz, Al Albani, Ibn ‘Uthaimeen and Muqbil Ibn Haadi 2

This is simply a follow up to my previous post. It is unfortunate that some have not reflected upon what I said and have become disturbed by my comments. It is indeed a saddening day when one who defends the honour of these great Imaams is vilified and told to keep silent regarding this clear travesty. However, those who truly love these scholars would not mind being vilified and find it contemptuous to remain quiet while their status as luminaries in this modern time is being questioned.

I had three more points I wanted to bring to the attention of the audience to bring further clarity:

1. Sh. Ibn ‘Uthaimeen made the famous statement that error in methodology leads to errors in ‘Aqeedah. Hence, if these Imaams had errors in their methodology it would lead to errors in their ‘Aqeedah and this would have been manifest in their books and tapes.

2. The statements of these Imaams on the Ikhwaan are clear and the statements of many of their students on the Ikhwaan are clear. Hence, if some students of their’s deviated they are not culpable for such. Rather the students are those who are to blame as they deviated from that which their scholars were upon. Hence, it is improper and downright sickening that these luminaries left us with a disease which has not cure as Muhammad Ibn Haadi said!

3, If their Minhaaj was not strong then why were those who ascribed to Salafeeyah were united  upon the same methodology when they were alive?

4. That all these matters return to extremism toward Shaikh Rabee’ Ibn Haadi Al Madkhali. Because Sh. Uthaimeen, Sh. Ibn Baaz, Sh. Al Albani and Shaikh Muqbil were all slandered in the same speech wherein Shaikh Rabee’ was elevated. This shows that some of Shaikh Rabee’s followers have extremism toward him because of their wicked speech and their deafening silence regarding that wicked speech.

5. Clear and definite Hizbeeyah without a shadow of a doubt. From the methodology of the Ikhwaan Al Muslimeen is that they do not correct the mistakes of those among them. And this is a major sign of those who are extreme to Shaikh Rabee’ and other specific scholars. When others make errors it is magnified and spread worldwide. However, when errors are made amongst their own you can hear a pin drop and proceeding that a myriad of excuses although the error is manifest.

I really hope that these proofs would serve to be a source of enlightenment for the seeker of truth. And I again ask Allah to distance our Muslim brothers and sisters from Hizbeeyah.


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