Boko Haram, ISIS and Trinidad

Islaam, the religion of the Prophets, the religion of Tawheed, is facing scathing media attacks in my country. 

Boko Haram has kidnapped girls and yet they are named as Islamists. I don’t know where in the Qur’an or Hadeeth where it says it is lawful to kidnap innocent school girls and then sell them as slaves. Hence, these ‘Islamists’ are obviously deviating from Islamic legislation. Hence, why not just classify them as lunatics rather than Islamists since it is clear that their actions don’t represent Islaam?

Then some brothers, may Allah guide them, wish to go on a milatary excursion to Syria. Although the scholars warned against going there because it is a quintessential can of worms they still chose to embark on such a journey.  That same wealth they could have used to go to another country, study Islaam and benefit themselves, their families and those around them. But as the old addage says that when you are young you wish to rectify the world and only when you are old you focus on what is most important. 

Then, more mischief proporting that a Muslim killed Dana Seetahal. Again, if he is Muslim he has disobeyed the tenents of Islaam. Even in combat against other armies it is forbidden to kill women. So how would it be in the case where the woman is not in a place where war is not being fought? Call the man a crazed, viscious lunatic and please desist from implicating Islaam in such actions. 

More to come. 


One thought on “Boko Haram, ISIS and Trinidad

  1. Baarakallahu feekum. Islaam is definately free from their actions. And please, remember to pray for your brothers here in Nigeria. Now that the US troops are coming one can only imagine what this fitnah would degenerate into.

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