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Although I wished not to respond to Amjad Rafeeq and his shenanigans yet again. Some have asked me regarding my statement when I said to remember that Sh. Al Albani said that Sh. Rabee’ had some harshness in his refutations.

Now, firstly, Amjad, in searching my tweets took what he wished and left off that which he wished. Although he took that particular tweet and added 50 cents to it he did not look at my other tweets wherein I spoke about the context in which I mentioned this and this is normal from A.R because he is a liar, and true to form he left out this  statement and many more conveniently.

Additionally, this further emphasizes to me that these people are severe blind-followers. Because if someone says that someone may be somewhat harsh in some issues it doesn’t necessitate that he has spoken ill about him. There were scholars from the Salaf who were described with harshness regarding certain individuals or even in a general fashion and although they were criticized for their harshness in the same  instance they are still described as Imams of the Sunnah.

But for these Muqallids they possibly believe that Sh. Rabee’ is free of error regarding this field of Jarh Wa Ta’deel when greater Imams from the Salaf were not free from error. I told a Muqallid, who recently issued a Bayaan regarding Shaikh Yahya, during Ramadaan, that to make Sh. Rabee’ seem free from error in this is to make him greater than Imam Shu’bah Ibn Hajaaj and other Imaams of the Salaf, To this he had no response.

Furthermore, in some cases, there has been harshness. When Shaikh Rabee’ weakened Hishaam Ibn Ghaaz without clear precedence isn’t this harshness? When he said that those with Sh. Yahya have extremism wherein there is no comparison! And that the Huuthi monstrosity was a punishment from Allah (which only Allah knows) and that Sh. Yahya is the most harmful thing to Salafeeyah and that he was planted by the enemies of Salafeeyah and that he is following the way of the Khawarij… isn’t this harshness in these issues?

Hence, to say Shaikh Rabee’ is harsh in a general sense is incorrect because his refutations of Al Ma’ribi were based on evidences. Likewise his refutations on Salmaan Al ‘Awdah, Shaikh Al Allamah Bakr Abu Zaid and Abdur Rahmaan Abdul Khaaliq and Faalih Al Harbi, Sayyid Qutb etc, were all based on evidences. However, sometimes, harshness does display itself from him because he is a scholar and a MAN. In any case this is what I said regarding the statement of Shaikh Al Albani.

I said the following on March 16th 2o13:

Musa Millington ‏@Musa_Millington  16 Mar 2013

  1. i mentioned it in the context that shaikh rabee’ may retract regarding shaikh yahya as shaikh albani retracted regarding him

3 thoughts on “Need I say more

  1. As regards to ‘Ali Al Halabi, without doubt in some cases he has been oppressed. Like when it was said that he believes in the unity of religions. Without doubt this is clear apostacy and the people who claim this on him have essentially made takfeer of him. As for my position, I made it years ago in accordance to what the Lajnah has clarified regarding him. And I answered a question like this in Masjid Muqbil when I was there last year explaining the matters of kufr, shirk, riddah, fisq and otherwise from kitaab ut tawheed by shaikh saalih al fawzaan. So anyone who knows me knows that my position regarding Halabi is the position of the Lajnah Ad Daaimah unlike those who said that the Lajnah has to apologize.

    • I was wondering if you still agree with Lajnah’s fatwa on Shaykh Ali Al-Halabi now that they accused (wrongfully of course) Shaykh Rabee of the same thing? بارك الله فيك

  2. I still agree with it 100%. Shaikh Rabee’s speech was sent to the Lajnah and the Lajnah responded. Insha Allah I shall translate the declaration and some of the speech of the Ulama regarding the one who leaves off all actions. Unlike others, I try to let principles guide me not individuals.

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