Amjad Rafeeq, someone who is a stranger to the truth.

Assalamu Alaikum,

It is not strange that SPUBS have continued their onslaught of lies upon Shaikh Yahya Al Haajoori and the students in Dammaj. And by Allah I have no regrets, and I seek closeness in Allah through this statement, to say that Amjad Rafeeq is a compulsive liar. Do other members of SPUBS like Abu Hakeem, Abu Khadeejah, Hasan As Somali and others not fear the anger of Allah ta’ala and advise this Dajjal (compulsive liar)?

And I will just list the many lies that he has posited throughout this Fitnah:

1. That myself and Abu Fajr are Hadaadis which he has been unable to substantiate. In fact they (SPUBS) are closer to Hadadeeyah than myself since I used to AVOID Falih Al Harbi’s sittings and they FLOCKED to it when I was in Madeenah. I swear by Allah that the first time I heard Faalih it was the last time. Ask some of them why were they missing classes in Kulliyah and why were they not sitting with the Shuyookh such as Shaikh Abdul Muhsin and Shaikh Saalih As Suhaimi.

2. That I accused Shaikh Muhammad Bazmool of Tamyee’ when I accused him of practicing one of their Usool. Unless he carries the the former as an alias.

3. Accusing myself and Abu Fajr of following the Madhab of the Khawarij in Imaan when all of what I wrote was the speech of the major scholars regarding the issue.

4. Accusing myself and Abu Fajr of saying that Al Albani is a Murji’ when none of us ever stated such. Rather in my writings I clearly distanced the Shaikh from Irjaa.

5. Accusing Shaikh Yahya of silently complying with the exaggerations toward him in Dammaj although he has not asked the people there regarding the actions of Shaikh Yahya during or after some of the poetry was recited. This reached to the extent that they virtually made Takfeer of the Shaikh as the Shaikh himself stated.

6. Quoting statements without verification e.g: Hajoori has ended up with Ma’ribi and Halabi. We have to remember that the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said: “It is enough for a person to be a liar that he narrates everything he hears.”

7. His statement: Yahya Al Hajuri’s Followers Borrow and Take Example from the Extremist Kharjites of al-Qaedah. Anyone with common sense will realize that you have either lied or the pen has been lifted from you. It is apparent that he has  become so fascinated with Sh. Yahya that he has lost his sense of reason? I ask the followers of this man are you just sheep grazing in the pastures of abysmal, wretched, compounded ignorance?

I wanted to laugh as well as cry. These beggars really have no shame anymore and although I do not think that its worth to dignify such a shameless individual with an answer since due to his lack of common sense (as we say in Trinidad common sense eh so common) I will still clarify it for the sake of clarification:

1. If Shaikh Yahya’s followers were following the extremist Kharjites in reviling the ruler then why did they seek a solution to the problem in Dammaj from the ruler in Yemen?

2. Why did Shaikh Yahya leave Dammaj when the ruler said to leave Dammaj?

3. The ruler of Yemen also sought an audience with him after he arrived in San’aa regarding the situation of those who were in Dammaj.

They asked advice from the ruler and obeyed him. So how can they be Kharjites or following the Madhab of the Khawarij? Also, in his explanation of Al Imaan Al Awsat of At Tabarani, which is recent, he mentioned that Qabeel was not a Kaafir!!! So he changed his position, so what will you say now Oh Allamah Amjad?

And if you say that well he has to say; I make Tawbah, I ask you where is your Tawbah for saying that which indicates that Muslims WORSHIP the Ka’aba?

But no, Shaikh Yahya is the target as usual.

In any case Alhamdu Lillah, Shaikh Yahya has been accepted by the Saudis as well as their Ulamah including:

1. Shaikh Wasiyullah Al Abbas

2. Shaikh Abdul Muhsin Al Abbad

3. Shaikh Saalih As Suhaimi

4. Shaikh Ali Naasir Al Fiqhi

5. Shaikh Muhammad Aadam Al Ithiopi

6. Shaikh Saalih Al Fawzaan: Who said: “He would bring you doubts in your beliefs!”

7. Shaikh Abdul Azeez Aal Ash Shaikh who told him to continue with his Da’wah.

8. Shaikh Saalih Al Luhaidaan: Who said: “Leave him!”

9. Shaikh Al Barraak

10. Shaikh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez Ar Raajihi who by the way has refuted Usamah Al ‘Utaibi , who wrote a compilation regarding Shaikh Yahya, and has said that he has issues with him.

And the list goes on.

Now we know that your claim that the majority of scholars have spoken against Shaikh Yahya is a lie. And the liars will never be successful. May Allah ta’ala guide you and return you to sanity.


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