A poem rebuking the slanderers.

Assalamu Alaikum,

Now, some people who read this will find my language sarcastic, somewhat emotional and totally offensive hence if there are any SPUBS fanatics out there who read my posts I recommend that you shy away from the following poem below.

It is entitled: Dammaj without the “Hajawirah” according to SPUBS. (Adapted and taken from their many posts on Manhaj.com regarding Sh. Yahya Al Haajoori)

Dammaj according to fanatics was a holy place

Where an orgy of exaggeration and blasphemy took place

Shaikh Yahya was seen as a creature divine

His words so holy and his demenour sublime

As good as the Salaf, possibly even the Sahabah

Dammaj to them is similar to Makkah

But the Shee’ah brought to them the wrath of Allah

Now the Gemeni Star’s party is over

So Dammaj now will be a better place

Wherein Yahya’s followers occupy no space

Now ‘Adeni and friends need not have any fear

As they can now occupy Shaikh Muqbil’s chair

There is nothing more harmful as the Hajawirah neither

Dammaj is in better hands under the Raafidah Shee’ah

Although Hussein and Ali will openly be adored

It’s not compared to how students made Haajoori their Lord

So return to Dammaj, Haajoori is out of sight

It was a place of Bid’ah superstitions and fright

Now the have carried their bandwagon to Hudeidah

But Haajoori may not keep others safe from his Fitnah.

Although our silence is deafening to the ears.

We have been vindicated so we cry no tears

And make sure you listen to the speakers we feature

And empty your pockets at the end of the lecture

N.B: I hope that all of you fools from SPUBS got your wish. Shaikh Yahya has left Dammaj and it is safe for you and your gang to join the Shee’ah and the world powers behind them in their celebration. Imagine these people who call themselves “Salafis” have not uttered a word regarding this travesty for the past few days but yet when the fitnah occurred they were updating their posts to keep others informed about the supposed innovations that Shaikh Yahya did.

May Allah give these lying Hizbees what they deserve.






2 thoughts on “A poem rebuking the slanderers.

  1. may Allaah accept it from you brother Musa. Wallaahi Abu khadeejah and his crew will reep the evil they have sow soon inshaaAllaah. May Allaah protect Shaykh Yayah and his students Ameen. Spubs are sick people

  2. Baarakallaahu feeka, it’s sad but true, those hizbees are losers, Allah azza wa jalla tests the ones he loves, and none of the ulamaa have had to go through what ahlassunnah in damaj are experiencing. Allah ta ala is purifying the ranks and raising their level yet the silent devils are too busy chasing their fame and fortune to even notice

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