Does mankind think that they would say we believe and they would not be tested?

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله

Today seems to be a very sad day in the History of Islaam. The Raafidah Shee’ah, may Allah curse them, have again served as a liability rather than an asset to Islaam. We must remember that they are the ones who fanned the blazing fires of mischief during the time of ‘Ali. In addition to this they stole the Black Stone from Makkah, aided the crusaders against the Muslims, aided the Tatars against the ‘Abbasid empire, aided the Europeans in setting back the onward march of the Ottomon empire and now they are as strong as they have ever been before because of the establishment of Iraan.

In recent times, they have oppressed non-Rafidah in Beluchistan and in Yemen. They killed the great scholar of the Ahlul Hadeeth of India, Ihsaan Elahi Thaheeri, in cowardice since they could not refute his convincing arguments. And now, because of their cowardice yet again, they bombed Dammaj for 94 days simply because the Sunnah was established and their innovations were exposed. They took advantage of the political instability of Yemen and the death of Saddam Hussein in order to spread their mischief.

Although this is the case of the Raafidah, we may find brothers who see this as a punishment from Allah upon the people of Dammaj! However if we look at Islamic History we would understand that hardly an Islamic state based upon Tawheed and Sunnah was established except through such trials.

1. In the case of Ibraheem (عليه السلام) he had to leave Ur, where he was oppressed, in order to establish Tawheed in Makkah and Palestine. And from his lineage came all the Prophets including Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم).

2. In the case of Musa (عليه السلام), he and the children of Isra’eel left Egypt and eventually the children of Isra’eel entered the promised land of Yuushaa’ Ibn Nuun.

3. In the case of our Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم) he had to leave Makkah, which was the most beloved city to him, in order to go to Madeenah. And eventually the Da’wah of Tawheed became strengthened as a result of this move. Hence, they went from being oppressed to being victorious.

4. Shaikh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab (رحمه الله) had to flee from ‘Unaizah to Dir’eeyah where he met Muhammad Ibn Sa’uud who vowed to aid and protect him. From that point onward the Da’watus Salafeeyah became firmly established in Riyaadh.

5. In the case of the Saudi State, and I know those who consider this current situation as a punishment may not know this fact, the first and second Saudi States were vanquished until the third state was established under ‘Abdul ‘Azeez Ibn Sa’uud in the early twentieth century.

6. Shaikh Naasir Ud Deen Al Albani had to leave Syria and Lebanon to eventually settle in Jordan in order to firmly establish Da’wah As Salafeeyah. From where the Shaikh lived in Jordan, students from Egypt, Jordan, Palestine learnt under him. He authored countless books and many of his sessions were recorded. These books and these sessions became a guiding light for thousands and possibly millions, including myself, and became a means for the establishment of the Salafi Da’wah worldwide.

I asked these brothers and sisters, who apparently have some key to unlock the door of the unseen, were all these individuals, three of them from the great Prophets and two Imams of the Da’wah  upon manifest misguidance? Is it that the Saudi State before its establishment in the early twentieth century upon misguidance? I don’t think any Salafi worldwide would say such nonsense and this proves to us that being evicted from one’s location is not a proof of misguidance, rather it may be a proof of the opposite.

In conclusion, I ask Allah ta’ala to aid our brothers and sisters in Dammaj, who the world didn’t care about although they were bombarded by the terrorist Huuthis. I ask Allah that he brings this trial into a victory, I ask Allah to make them resolute, and I ask Allah ta’ala to punish the Raafidah Shee’ah and the hypocrites severely.

Musa Millington

Written: 1.11.2014 corresponding to the 3.11.1435


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