Fairness according to Shaikh Al Albani

My dear brothers and sisters, 

I recently listened to tapes 612, 613 and 614 and Shaikh Al Albani’s Silsilah Hudaa Waa Nuur. In these tapes there are major principles which Ahlus Sunnah must know in order to distinguish between a person who is an innovator and a person who has made a mistake. Verily, the principles I am about the mention are either not known or have not been taught and this is obvious from the movements of some who claim to follow this way of Salafeeyah:

 An innovator is one who brings into this deen that which is not from it and takes this as his path. Whereas a person of the Sunnah may make mistakes in his speech or actions but this does not necessitate that he is an innovator unless he makes this the path that he has followed after clarity has come to him. 

Likewise, one has to look at the methodology of the person he wishes to refute. If it is that his methodology is the Sunnah; calling to it and traversing upon it he does not leave this methodology by one or two mistakes. Rather he leaves the methodology when he takes these mistakes as his path.

A prime example is what SPUBS have done to malign Shaikh Yahya (may Allah give him patience). Who although he is attacked by the Huuthis and bombs fall on his Masjid he continues to give his class on Saheeh Muslim. Totally different than SPUBS who take their classes as an opportune time to collect funds for their projects. 

SPUBS have said:

“Yahya Al Haajoori has spoken ill of the Prophet”

“Yahya Al Haajoori has spoken ill of the companions.”

And other matters. Now I have a question for them:

1. Is it correct to say that he has taken upon himself the path of those who curse the Prophet (Salallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) when he teaches, acts upon and defends his Sunnah day and night even when bombs are falling above his head? 

2. Is it correct to say that he has taken the path of the Raafidah in terms of cursing the Companions and has taken this as his methodology when it is that the brothers in Dammaj are being fought only because of their love and respect for the companions?

Or is it that he made mistakes in expression if in fact his speech was not taken out of context? 

And I am sure that they do not have answer for that. 

As for anyone on this earth they make mistakes but mistakes do not make someone an innovator. If we were to take the tapes of anyone (and Shaikh Al Albani said even this of himself in the tape) then in that case there would be no one left since everyone has mistakes. As mentioned it is only when someone takes this mistakes and makes it his methodology then he can be judged to be off the Minhaaj. 

I hope this was beneficial to all and that this will help us not to make Tabdee’ recklessly but rather to be just. And if anyone doubts my speech they can listen to the tapes on the following website:


And for those are unfortunate enough to assume that I am believe in the principles of Ma’ribi and Halabi then I tell them that they must learn the Minhaaj before speaking about it. This is dealing with the mistakes of Ahlus Sunnah not those who take other than the Sunnah as their path. May Allah give us understanding and wisdom in Da’wah. 

N.B: In it he defends Safar Al Hawali who has clearly deviated since that time. But the focus of the listener should not be whether he defended Safar or not but rather it should be to listen to the knowledge based principles he brought when he spoke. 


2 thoughts on “Fairness according to Shaikh Al Albani

  1. Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaathuh

    Can you shed some light on why Ubayd Al Jaabiree is a deviant because of a few fataawa of his? I agree some of his fataawa resemble the fataawa of the deviant mufti, Yusuf Al Qardawee, but has he really took those mistakes as his path?

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