Make Du’a for the brothers in Dammaj

My dear brothers and sisters, 

Ahlus Sunnah in Dammaj, Yemen are going through much difficulty. Bombs are being dropped upon them and they are being assassinated one by one whether it be man, woman or child. They are being slain by the Huuthis who are Raafidah Shee’ah and tails of Iraan. Hence it is a battle between Islaam and Kufr, Imaan and Nifaaq. Therefore make du’a that Allah keeps our brothers firm during that time of difficulty. And without doubt these times wherein physical warfare is required is only to demonstrate who are those who struggle and are patient upon the way of Allah. And it is a cleansing for those who believe and destruction to those who oppose Allah and his Messenger as Allah has mentioned in Surah Aali ‘Imraan.

As for those who say that what Ahlus Sunnah are going through is a punishment from Allah one wonders if Allah himself revealed this to such manner of people directly. Without doubt, such people have caused their hatred of others to deviate them from justice to the point that while the heretical Huuthis bomb Dammaj their concerns reside in disparaging Shaikh Yahya rather than the heretics themselves. 

May Allah give the brothers in Dammaj victory and may he give the Huuthis, those who ally with them and those who wish to see them victorious whatever they deserve. 


2 thoughts on “Make Du’a for the brothers in Dammaj

  1. اللهم يا حي يا قيوم يا ذا الجلال والإكرام يا لطيف يا سميع يا خبير نسألك بأسمائك الحسنى وصفاتك العلى نسألك باسمك الأعظم أن تلطف بإخواننا في دماج وتُسلِّمهم من نيران الحوثي

  2. O Allaah Lord of the mighty throne aid our brothers and sisters in Dammaj and destory the filthy houties and who so ever aid them in their evil Allaahumma ameen. O Allaah bring the downfall of the new hizbi and protect our salafi communities around the world with distorted and lies Allaahumma ameen.

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