Amjad (Not) Rafeeq at it again.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Yet again I have seen Amjad Rafeeq thread upon an extremely dangerous path wherein he seeks to besmirch the character of a Muslim without any precedence whatsoever. Like a typical journalist from a tabloid magazine he desired to draw the attention of our dear intelligent readers by putting the following title:

A Refutation of Musa Millington and Abu Fujoor al-Kanadi: Shaykh Rabee’ on those Who Accuse al-Albaanee of Irjaa Due to the Phrase ‘Actions are a Condition of Perfection in Eemaan’

This title is enough to make someone laugh from his stomach. And although I did not want to grace Amjad with any intelligent response, since I consider him undeserved of it, I will simply clarify the issue for those who wish to know the facts:

1. Neither myself nor Abu Fajr ever accused the great Muhaddith, Shaikh Naasir Ud Deen Al Albani, of having Irjaa or being a Murji’. And Amjad, as usual, brought no proof whatsoever from our speech which pointed to such.

2. Rather the speech of several scholars regarding the usage of the statement ‘Shart Kamaal’ was quoted in several treatises which were written months ago. And even in these treatises the speech of Shaikh Rabee’ and Shaikh Saalih As Suhaimi was mentioned regarding the statement of Shaikh Al Albani. Just in case Amjad did not read them I will simply put the links so that perhaps he may be enlightened:

Shaikh Rabee’s speech regarding what Shaikh Al Albani said:
The Usool of the Hadaadis:
Reminder and Clarification (in it is Shaikh Suhaimi’s speech on Shaikh Al Albani’s speech):
3. There is a principle of Ahlus Sunnah which mentions that those who fall into mistakes due to Ijtihaad are not taken out of the fold of Ahlus Sunnah. And without doubt the statement of everyone is either accepted or rejected except for the Messenger of Allah (salallahu alaihi wa sallam)
4. The dangers of At Ta’aalum (pretending to have knowledge). This is although I studied the issue in the University and although I mentioned the speech of many of the scholars regarding the usage of the phrase Amjad still threw all of this behind and back and chose to thread upon a reckless path wherein he is the one eyed king in a blind man’s world. Then again, what would one expect from one who awaits an apology for the Lajnah to ‘Ali Al Halabi?
Secondly, his spurious accusations about tapes being clipped does not take away from the fact that he is incorrect. This brings me to point number 5 which is:
5. The importance of being humble. We have to remember when speaking or writing about Islaam it is not merely to get our point across but rather doing this is in fact an effort to find the truth even if it does not come from ourselves.
May Allah protect us from the whispers of the Shaitaan.
N.B: The part of the tape with Sh. Abdur Rahmaan Al Barrak which was cut was the part wherein the Shaikh was asking our brother Ahmad Nishawn if he was married and had children! Personally, I really do not see the pertinence that has in the issue of Imaan.

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  1. As-salâm ‘alayk
    I’d like to ask you something akhee Musa, can I have your email address (or you can just send a message to mine) ? Baarakallaahu feek

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