Some benefits of Ramadaan. Part 1

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله

This is simply some speech of  Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Saalih Al ‘Uthaimeen regarding some of the benefits of fasting. May Allah help us to derive these benefits insha allah.

1. From the wisdom of fasting is that it is an act of worship for the sake of Allah which brings the slave closer to Allah through abandoning that which he loves and desires from eating, drinking and marital relations. Therefore the truthfulness of his Imaan, his complete servitude, his strong love for Allah and the hope for what he has becomes apparent. Because verily people do not leave off something he/she loves except for something that is greater in his/her sight. And because the believer knows that the pleasure of Allah through fasting, by abandoning his innate desires which he naturally loves he puts the love of his Lord above his desires.

For leaving it off is most severe when one desires it because his pleasure and rest is in leaving off all of these things for Allah. And for this reason many of the believers if they are beaten or imprisoned in order to break their fast (during the day) for one day in Ramadaan without any excuse they would not break their fast. And this wisdom regarding fasting is from the greatest of wisdom and from its most magnificent.

Benefit: (From Musa Millington): If we can leave off that which is lawful during the days of Ramadaan from food, drink and marital relations for the pleasure of Allah it shows that we can definitely make a concerted effort to abandon that which is forbidden in Islaam throughout the year for Allah’s pleasure.



One thought on “Some benefits of Ramadaan. Part 1

  1. Alhamdulillaah, may Allaah reward you with good for sharing with us this benefit.May Allaah accept our ibaada during this ramadaan and also purify us from our sins.Please akhee can i have your personal phone number? e-mail address(

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