Shaikh Luhaidaan’s words regarding the Ikhwaan Ul Muslimeen.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Ikhwaanul Muslimeen was a group set up by Hassan Al Banna, the Hasafi Sufi who believed that the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) entered gathering and forgave the sins of those present in those gatherings. Their main principle is a principle which destroys one of the sturdy handholds of Imaan wherein they say:

“We co-operate in what we agree upon and excuse each other in what we disagree upon,”

Hence they try to bring “unity” between the Sunni, the Shee’ah, the ‘Ashari, the Maturidi etc, under the banner of Islaam.

With all of this for many years they were seeking to rule Egypt. Firstly, they gained control of Azhar and then last year Muhammad Mursi got the presidency of Egypt after high-jacking a secularist, non-Islamic revolution.

However now he has been deposed as the people have become fed up and disgruntled with the Ikhwaan who have allegiance to their Murshid over anyone and anything else. And although some are angry because an ‘Islamist’ government has been overthrown I ask the following questions to such disgruntled brothers and sisters:

1. Did the Ikhwaan not think that what they did was incorrect according to the Shar’eeyah? They took a secularist revolution, high-jacked it and used it to gain power. Is this the way in which the Messenger (صلى الله عليه و سلم) establish Islaam?

2. Did these same brothers not reflect on the issue that because of the Ikhwaan, a Shee’ah school was allowed to be built in Egypt?

3. Do some not reflect on the fact that the same thing that happened to Mubarak would not happen to him? And at least Mubarak had the graciousness to step down?

This is why Shaikh Muqbil Ibn Haadi said: The Ikhwaan Ul Mufliseen (the Bankrupt Brotherhood) are bankrupt in deen and bankrupt in politics.

Now to the words of Shaikh Saalih Al Luhaidaan, one of the major scholars of Saudi Arabia:

As for the Ikhwaan Ul Muslimeen I hope that they do not get leadership of any Muslim country. And that the leadership is given to them. They are not from those who go toward aiding the ‘Aqeedah and making it uppermost and at most times they are those who seek leadership…

بالنسبة للإخوان المسلمين أرجو أن لا يتولوا سلطة في أي بلاد اسلامية وأن لاتكون السلطة لهم هم ليسوا في عملهم ساعين لنصرة العقيدة وإعلاء شأنها وهم في عملهم في الغالب هم طلاب حكما ..

We hope by Allah that they do not rule Egypt and that they are not involved in the matter of  leadership in Egypt or other than it from the Muslim countries.

 نرجوا الله جلا وعلا أن لايحكموا مصر وأن لايكون لهم شأن الحكم في مصر ولافي غيرها من بلاد المسلمين

Indeed these are important and telling words from the Shaikh, May Allah preserve him.


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