Elections during Ramadaan??

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

I am neither shocked nor amazed at the comments made in a press conference regarding having elections for the Chaguanas West seat in Trinidad. Furthermore, in addition to the comments made beforehand, the Muslim leaders in Trinidad are divided between different statements:

1. There should not be any elections during Ramadaan since it would not be appropriate for Muslims to get involved in the fracas.

2. That there is no problem with having elections during the month of Ramadaan since there were general elections in 1976 and 2001 during that period.

3. That elections can take place but not within the last ten days since Muslims would be confined to the Masajid.

Now I ask the question, how much further can the Muslims of this country dive deeper into the abyss of abysmal ignorance?

The Muslims have fallen head first into the lizard’s hole. The addiction toward voting is so great that such a temptation cannot be resisted during the month of Ramadaan. However, at the same time we can resist the temptation to eat, drink and have sexual intercourse with our wives from dawn until sunset.

Apparently, voting for the Muslims in this country takes precedence over our basic needs as mankind.

For a true Muslim it is not a matter of public importance as to whether or not elections take place during Ramadaan since the Muslim’s focus during Ramadaan should be to get closer to Allah by fasting with faith and hope in Allah’s mercy. Additionally, that which diverts the Muslims from getting closer to Allah should be avoided inside and outside of Ramadaan. Hence, I am amazed as to why those on the panel with all their doctorates and academic qualifications did not come up with the idea of simply ignoring the election in order to focus upon getting freedom from the hellfire.

May Allah help us.


One thought on “Elections during Ramadaan??

  1. Well Said, Barakallahu feekum, Continue on your path of clarity and uprightness. May Allah increase you in knowledge and sincerity.

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