Does Shaikh Yahya endorse extremism toward him?

My dear brothers,

We have to recognize that Salafi Publications is in such a pathetic position that they are trying to make it seem that Shaikh Yahya endorses and nurtured his students upon extremism toward him. To the point that they put up headlines which makes it seem that Shaikh Yahya encourages his students to violate Tawheed for his sake.

This is although it has been clarified in many instances that Shaikh Yahya:

i. Does not like it.
ii. Reprimands his students in private regarding it.
iii. Is unaware in many instances as to what is being said in the poetry.

And as for point number three I have witnesses who were in Dammaj who mentioned to me that Shaikh Yahya would just tell them to go up and read the poetry while he was paying attention to the many questions he has in his hands. (In fact that same brother told me he used to get irritated at the amount of poetry said).

Hence, these points have been clarified however, SPUBS still choose to grasp at straws. Their chain of narration leading back to unknown individuals hence automatically unacceptable. But besides that point these individuals who seek domination of the Da’wah of the West through their Machiavellian tactics just do not get it. As an elder brother who comes to my Monday class says all the time:

“If you look in the Qur’an therein you will find the answer”

Allah ta’ala said:

و لا تكسب كل نفس إلا عليها و لا تزر وازرة وزر أخرى

And every soul earns not (blame) except for itself and no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another.

Hence, knowing that Shaikh Yahya discourages it, frowns upon it etc, how can he be blamed whenever some may say or do things to conflict his advice? This is indeed paramount to injustice and should be added to the crimes of Salafi Publications in Jarh Wa Ta’deel. Because the Jarh is to describe a narrator with an attribute wherein his narrations are rejected. Hence, the Jarh has to describe what the narrator said, did, permitted or encouraged.

Secondly, knowing the demographic of Yemen, there may be people who may have came recently to the Sunnah but were from Shee’ah and Sufi backgrounds. Therefore, it may be that some of the poets, who may be visitors from different places, made these mistakes thinking they were correct. However, afterward they were advised regarding the poems and thereafter repented.

Thirdly, again, when you do not put any emphasis on the Qur’an you make shallow assumptions.

What do I mean?

When Musa (عليه السلام) crossed the Red Sea his people told him give us a God as they have a God (which was an idol). Is Musa (عليه السلام) to be blamed for that? Is it going to be said that he nutured them badly? Never.

Is the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) to be blamed when some people, who were new to Islaam, upon going to Hunain, wanted to pay reverence to a tree? Never.

So how can Shaikh Yahya be blamed for the actions of some poets when the Shaikh himself does not encourage these actions??

Therefore, and again it shows that SPUBS run through books and “listen” to the scholars but they do not gain benefit. They have studied the 4 principles many times and never realized that one of the benefits of the Hadeeth of Abu Waaqid Al Laithi is that Shirk is something very easy to fall into without even realizing. And if they properly read the Chapter on Fearing Shirk from Kitaab Ut Tawheed they would realize this. Hence, when some poets make mistakes and slips it is ascribed to the poet, neither to Shaikh Yahya nor to what he teaches.

But again as the Hadeeth of Mu’awiyah in Saheeh Bukhari mentioned:

“من يرد الله به خيرا يفقهه في الدين”

Whoever Allah wants good for he makes him understand the religion.

So, my advice to Salafi Publications is to go back to the basics. Go and translate, buy and sell books. Also, take the advice of Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Haadi. You all are not teachers, you all have to simply translate the speech of the scholars in books then keep quiet afterward until you have enough respect for this religion to travel at the feet of the scholars and learn it. And when I say learn it I do not mean an ‘Umrah trip, I mean sit down, keep quiet and learn.

May Allah guide us and protect us from delusions of grandeur.


One thought on “Does Shaikh Yahya endorse extremism toward him?

  1. Akhee, may Allaah accept your du’aa aameen.Alhamdulillaah akhee you are doing a good job and i ask Allaah by His most beautiful names and lofty attributes to aid us and you, protect us and you and make you firm upon the deen of ISLAAM. aameen.

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