Beautiful advice from Sh. Yahya to Sh. Rabee’

My brothers and sisters,

I listened to this advice and it was a wonderful reply to what Dar-Us-Sunnah posted. Included in it were principles of Mustalah, verses of the Qur’an, Hadeeth, ‘Aqeedah etc. Very, very beneficial to anyone who wishes to know the truth of the accusations.

And to this Sh. Rabee is beloved to all Salafis worldwide. However, if he makes accusations based upon what he heard then they have to be confirmed. And if there is proof to negate these accusations then these accusations hold no water as Imam Suyooti mentioned in Tadreeb Ur Raawi.

And I advise my brothers and sisters to read the translation (when it comes out). And look at the proofs that were given. And as for those who say that Haajoori the Taalib Ul ilm is advising Sh. Rabee’ the ‘Aaalim the following is said to them:

1. Sh. Muqbil, Sh. Rabee’, Sh Muhammad Ibn Aadam etc. have called Sh. Yahya an ‘Aalim. In fact Sh. Rabee’ mentioned that he is from the most virtuous of ‘Ulama.

2. Even if he was a student why can’t he advise his teacher? There is nothing prohibiting this in the Shar’eeyah.

And I advise the brothers to seek knowledge since the reason why this Fitnah has reached to such great heights in the West is because people are keeping busy with other than it. It is sad that people are speaking about this issue when they have not even studied Baiqooneyah in Mustalah Al Hadeeth. We have to study before we speak. Imam Bukhari said: Knowledge comes before statements and actions.

Hence, those who have no knowledge of these matters should not enter into them and speak ill of the Muslims since the honour of the Muslims is sacred. Rather, these issues are for the scholars and those who have studied the principles that the scholars have laid down.

Hence it is not an issue of the Shaikh said this and that but rather to examine what the Shaikh said according to established principles.

Therefore, study, study, study, then act, then speak.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful advice from Sh. Yahya to Sh. Rabee’

  1. this is true and knowledge comes from talking and talking after knowledge should be only to teach, for speaking ill of muslims who gave you in the first place your knowledge w/ Allaah permission and w/ HIS PERMISSION HE will remove it from the hearts of the ill ones.

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