Sh Rabee’ about Sh. Rabee’

نصيحتي لكم أن تدرسوا ، إذا تُكُلم في شخص ، أن تدرسوا عنه ، وتأخذوا أقوال الناقدين وتفهمونها ، وتتأكدون من ثبوتها ، فإذا تبين لكم ذلك فليحكم الإنسان من منطلق الوعي والقناعة لا تقليدا لهذا أو ذاك ولا تعصبا لهذا أو ذاك ، ودعوا الأشخاص فلان وفلان ، هذه خذوها قاعدة وانقلوها لهؤلاء المخالفين ليفهموا الحقيقة فقط ويعرفوا الحق ويخرجوا أنفسهم من زمرة المتعصبين بالباطل ، وأنا لا أرضى لأحد أن يتعصب لي أبدا إذا أخطأت فليقل لي من وقف لي على خطأ أخطأت . بارك الله فيكم ولا يتعصب لأحد هذا أو ذاك ، لا يتعصب لخطأ ابن تيمية ولا ابن عبد الوهاب ولا لأحمد بن حنبل ولا للشافعي ولا لأحد إنما حماسه للحق واحترامه للحق ويجب أن يكره الخطأ ويكره الباطل .

My advice to you is to study, if someone is spoken about, study his case, and take the statements of the criticizers and understand them and make sure that they are established (statements). Therefore, if this becomes clear to you then one should judge upon careful scrutiny and contentment (meaning that the evidences that are established are clear ) not blindfollowing to this one or that one or being partisan to this one or that one. Take this as a principle and relay them to those opposers so that they know the truth and take themselves out of the group of partisans upon falsehood. And I am not pleased with anyone being partisan toward me ever. If I am incorrect then say it to me, whoever stops at an error from me then (say) you erred. May Allah bless you, and do not be partisan to this one or that one. No one should be partisan to the mistakes of Ibn Taymeeyah, Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab, Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, Ash Shafi’ee, not to anyone. Verily the fanaticism is for the truth and respecting the truth. And it is obligatory to dislike the mistake and falsehood.

He also said:

Shaikh Rabee’ Ibn Haadi said: By Allah questions come to me, and by the Lord of the heavens I know their answers, but because I strive in making ties between the youth and the scholars I say I am not a Mufti. Ask the Kibaar Al ‘Ulama. Because if you answer them they do not hear from anyone except you and they become a partisan group (toward you). So where are the other scholars? We want them to love the other scholars. We want the door open for other scholars we do not only want one person to guide them for this will only become a partisan group.….-final+5).pdf (page 82)

Note: The Imams of guidance have always prevented others from taking their statements as evidences. Additionally they have all clarified that returning to the book, the sunnah and the shari’ principles are obligatory. And they are not pleased with others being partisan to them.

However their followers became extreme in their partisanship to the point that the statements of the Imams became evidences by themselves in addition to the fact that Walaa and Baraaa was established according these these statements. And other statements, although filled with evidences and pinciples, are rejected and seen as misguidance to the point that the one who speaks with evidence is seen as a heretic, as insane or as an innovator.

Therefore reflect on what Sh. Ahmad An Najmi said about Sh. Rabee’ and what Sh. Rabee’ said about himself and then reflect upon those who try to make Sh. Rabee’ seem faultless.


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