Is knowledge hinged on certificates?

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

This is a short treatise relating to this question. In case my dear readers are wondering why I have not written for a long time it is because I have began focusing on compiling the statements of the scholars rather than bring them piecemeal. By doing this there is two main benefits

1) The reader would be able to access the statements on the scholars on a particular subject rather than search for long hours on the internet.

2) The reader would gain understanding of the statements of the scholars. This is because the people of desires take the statements of our scholars and change its meanings to suit their desires.

May Allah bring benefit through this first document.

Is a degree an evidence for knowledge


One thought on “Is knowledge hinged on certificates?

  1. Shaikh Saalih Al ‘Aseemee said regarding this topic:

    “And his statement that those who were without knowledge were worshiped (meaning followed blindly). And in this time the issue is of greater danger than it was before and the (danger) continues and increases. And especially because many of the people take ignorant folk as their leaders who mislead themselves and mislead others and with that they ascribe themselves to knowledge and understanding.

    And the evidence of their ascription to knowledge and understanding is what they call specializations in the Sharee’ah and academic certificates (in Islamic subjects). Therefore they perceive that the one who has (a diploma) in specializing in the Sharee’ah and academic certificates are most deserved to give Islamic rulings.

    And this is not something obligatory. There may be a person who has a specialization in Sharee’ah or has an academic certificate but it is unlawful for him to give Islamic rulings according to the Sharee’ah. Giving verdicts is not determined by the certificates but it is determined by the establishment of knowledge. And how many people have not taken knowledge by this means and he is better than those who have taken these certificates and acknowledgements in terms of his understanding and knowledge of the religion.

    But, the people have been deceived by these names and they have put it forward over the titles of the Sharee’ah. Shaikh Ahmad Ibn Humaid said:

    They have changed the statement ‘Faqeeh’ for other than it.
    And from that which is strange are the Doctors of Hadeeth (those who have Doctorates)

    Muhaddith Doctor and Faqeeh Doctor. And the word doctor in its origin means Tabeeb (Arabic for Doctor). So they have changed these Sharee’ah titles which the Muslims have remained with for a long time with titles which came to them from other than the Muslims…

    And this does not mean that one should overlook it. But rather to overlook the one who carries it and is not deserved of it. Whoever is from the students of knowledge seeking knowledge should try hard to obtain these academic certificates. Because it has become from the norms in this time so there is no problem in having it. But independently it is not an evidence in this matter (knowledge). But rather the evidence (for knowledge) is knowing the book of Allah, the Sunnah of the Messenger (صلى الله عليه و سلم) and the rulings of the Sharee’ah.”

    To listen to it:

    [audio src="" /]

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