The difference between Da’wah As Salafeeyah and other calls.

Shaikh Saalih As Suhaimi mentioned an example given by Shaikh Muhammad Amaan Al Jaami regarding the difference between the Salafi Da’wah and the Da’wah of Hizbeeyah. The Shaikh said:

He gave an example of those who call toward gathering numbers without distinction (between the Sunni and the innovator) and uniting people regardless of their different methodologies and their contradictory ideologies and the one who calls toward the methodology of the Salaf Us Saalih. He gave an example of two men:

(1) A man who built a Masjid and said Oh people I have built you a Masjid. Therefore come to it after you have purified yourself from major and minor ritual impurities and that you are upon the best of conditions. This is the man who is upright, the one who calls to the true methodology.

(2) And another group says Oh people I have built for you a Masjid therefore come to it and let everyone enter; the menstruating, the one who has post-natal bleeding, the one who has major ritual impurity and the disbeliever and the hypocrite and everyone. It is for all of you.

This is verily an amazing and appropriate example regarding the condition (of the callers in this time).

From: 4:20.

Note: This example shows that Salafeeyah is inclusive of those who wish to purify themselves and be upon the truth. As for those who wish to remain impure and follow their desires then such people are far away from Salafeeyah.

Hence we do not accept Salafeeyah which is tainted with:

– The Ikhwani methodology

– The Liberalist methodology

– The Sufi/Tableeghi methodology

– The Takfeeri/ Jihadi methodology

Salafeeyah should remain as Salafeeyah, pure and unadulterated.


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