Another Fatwa regarding the situation of Amjad Rafeeq

See the following answers from some of the Shuyookh (Shaikh ‘Ali Ar Ramli, Shaikh Naasir Al Barrak, and Shaikh Shibal) regarding Amjad Rafeeq’s situation:

Also see here for the statements of many other scholars regarding this:

And this is Sh. Rabee’s speech on the usage of ‘Shart Kamaal’.

And although he shows utter disdain for the statements of the scholars when it opposes his desires (like the rest of his companions)  saying:

That this is not as simple as just gathering and compiling a few statements of some scholars who find fault with the use of the term “actions are shart kamaal”, and claim that tafseel must be made.

{Comment: One wonders where the obedience to the scholars especially Shaikh Rabee’ is regarding these matters}

We say reminders are good for the believers.

This is a recent question that was posed to Shaikh Jameel bin Fareehaan:

One of the brothers wrote on the issue of Imaan and he came with the speech of Imaam Ibn Hajar that the Salaf’s view was that Imaan consists of statements actions and belief and that actions are a condition of Imaan. Therefore another brother clarified that this definition of Imaan was incorrect because:

  • It is general (the speech can be taken into many different ways)
  • It is from the speech of the Murji’ah

Then he came with the speech of the scholars such as Ibn Baaz, Saalih Aal Ash Shaikh, Saalih Al Fawzaan and Shaikh Rajihi. However, the brothers who wrote the speech of Ibn Hajar said: “This speech is according to the intention of the person and the Usool that he operates from.” Is there any advice for the person who wrote the speech of Ibn Hajar in this matter?

Sh. Jameel bin Fareehaan said:

Take the correct creed from the scholars like Shaikh Ibn Baaz and Shaikh Saalih Aal Ash Shaikh and Shaikh Saalih Al Fawzaan, and Shaikh Raajihi regarding the definition that they wrote. And if Hajar contradictions (in ‘Aqeedah). His speech goes according to Ahlus Sunnah at times and sometimes contradicts it. Therefore it (‘Aqeedah) is not taken from him.

خذ العقيدة الصحيحة السلفية من العلماء كالشيخ ابن باز و الشيخ صالح ال الشيخ و الشيخ صالح الفوزان و الشيخ راجحي بالتعريف الذي سطروه وابن حجر عنده لخبطة مرة يوافق اهل السنة ومرة يأتي بكلام الأشاعرة فلا يؤخذ عنه

4 thoughts on “Another Fatwa regarding the situation of Amjad Rafeeq

  1. I decided to write this after some months since Amjad Rafeeq and friends have not taken off the banner from their website. This shows their obvious arrogance and compounded ignorance especially since it has been proven without reasonable doubt that they have opposed and conflicted the statements of the scholars.

  2. In case people are wondering about the end of the speech it means that one should not make Ibn Hajar’s statements in Fath Ul Baari the ‘Asl (basis) of his ‘Aqeedah. Since, he (rahimahullah) comes with a lot of speech from the ‘Asharis. I will give one example:

    In the book of Heart Softeners he mentions that Allah’s love means Allah wanting good for them. And although this is one of the matters that comes with love the description of Allah (love) should not be put to mean that in itself.

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