Shaikh ‘Ali Ar Ramli regarding the speech of Ibn Hajar.


One of the brothers wrote on the issue of Imaan and he came with the speech of Imaam Ibn Hajar that the Salaf’s view was that Imaan consists of statements actions and belief and that actions are a condition of Imaan. Therefore another brother clarified that this definition of Imaan was incorrect because:

• It is general (the speech can be taken into many different ways)
• It is from the speech of the Murji’ah

Then he came with the speech of the scholars such as Ibn Baaz, Saalih Aal Ash Shaikh, Saalih Al Fawzaan and Shaikh Rajihi. However, the brothers who wrote the speech of Ibn Hajar said: “This speech is according to the intention of the person and the Usool that he operates from.” Is there any advice for the person who wrote the speech of Ibn Hajar in this matter?

Shaikh ‘Ali Ar Ramli from Jordan responded:

الحافظ ابن حجر قرر مذهب مرجئة الفقهاء وعزاه للسلف ومذهب السلف لا يؤخذ إلا من عالم قادر على فهم كلام السلف بشكل صحيح لا يفهمه بناء على قواعد المتأخرين ويفسره بما يتماشى معهم
فانظر مثلا إلى نقل ابن عبد البر أو ابن تيمية أو ابن قدامة وأمثال هؤلاء الذين لا يفهمون كلام السلف على حسب القواعد التي درسوها على مسألة

Al Haafidh Ibn Hajar established the madhab of the Murji’ah Al Fuqaha and ascribed it to the Salaf. And the Madhab of the Salaf is not taken except from a scholar who has the ability to understand the speech of the Salaf according to the proper understanding. He does not understand it according to the principles of those who came later and explains it according to what they traverse upon.

Look for example at the Ibn ‘Abdul Barr or Ibn Taymeeyah or Ibn Qudama and the likes of them relayed and the likes of those who do not understand the speech of the Salaf according to the principles they learnt in this issue.

For those who do not know the Shaikh he was from the students of Shaikh Muqbil Ibn Haadi Al Waadi’ee. Shaikh Muqbil said of him:

‘Ali Ibn Mukhtaar the Jordanian is benefited from in the sciences of Hadeeth.

And additionally he mentioned that he is a student with good manners. Also, he wrote a Tazkeeyah for him.


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