Shaikh ‘Ali Ash Shibal speaks on Ibn Hajar’s speech

Shaikh Shibal on the speech of Ibn Hajar.

Shaikh Ali Ash Shibal who wrote the book al-Tanbeeh ‘alaa al-Mukhaalafaat al-Aqadiyyah Fil-Fath al-Baaree[1] said:

Al Haafidh Ibn Hajar (rahimahullah) was incorrect regarding this issue since actions can be shart kamaal (condition of completeness) and it can be shart sihhah (condition of correctness) and it can be something preferable (to do). As for taking actions out of Imaan by making it one of its conditions this speech is incorrect. Actions are from Imaan by the agreement of the Salaf. Imaan consists of belief, statements and actions. From them which are pillars meaning that Imaan is not correct without it. And from it is that which is obligatory and from that which is preferable. Yes. [2]

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