Envy between students of knowledge.

Without doubt much of what has taken place in terms of the splitting and disunity among the callers in the west is due to envy. And this envy without doubt leads to deviance. A Muslim only has to read about what took place between Iblees (لعنة الله عليه) and Aadam to understand that point that I just mentioned.

I would like to leave the readers with some wise words by Ibn Qudama Al Maqdisi pertaining to this issue:
“There is no envy between two people except to struggle for status. He therefore becomes envious of everyone in the world who competes with him in the matter which he takes pride in. And the origin of all of this is THE LOVE OF THE DUNYA because the Dunya is that which restricts those two who compete. As for the hereafter there is no restriction in it. Therefore, the one who loves to know Allah, his angels , his Prophets and what he possesses in heaven and earth, he would not become envious of other than him if he has knowledge of this.
Because knowledge does not restrict the ones who have knowledge, rather what is known by one is known by one million scholars, and he is happy that others know. For this reason we do not find that there is jealousy between the scholars of the religion. Because they wish to know Allah and this IS A SPACIOUS OCEAN AND THERE IS NO RESTRICTION IN THIS. And their goal is to get a station with Allah, and there is no restriction with what Allah possesses. 
Because the greatest thing that is with Allah is the pleasure of meeting him. And there is neither prevention nor crowd (meaning that every believer would have the pleasure of seeing him without crowding together), and some who see him cannot restrict others. Rather he is happy when there are many of them. Except if the scholars want by knowledge wealth and position they become envious of each other. “
Another point he likened it to:
” And for this reason you never see people crowding to see the beauty of the sky because it is wide and all can see it. Therefore, it is upon you if you are merciful to yourself to seek a pleasure where there is no crowding in it (meaning piety and doing that which pleases Allah.”
Minhaaj Us Qaasideen page 237.
Food for thought indeed.

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