Where are the men of the Sunnah!!

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah, 

For the past two months the Huuthi Shi’ah have been occupying Dammaj. They have denied food and medicine from entering into the village and the students who have shown much bravery and patience have fought them us thus far. Our brothers are surrounded and even some of the best war strategists I am sure cannot even imagine how to escape such a situation. And there is no fight and power except Allah and whoever fears Allah Allah will give them an opening. 

The Huuthis are known to be hand in hand with Iran who wishes to establish a proxy state in the Arabian Peninsula in order to challenge the Sa’uud dynasty. Furthermore, these dumb protesters de-stablized Yemen and the Khawarij in South Yemen continue upon their methodology of mischief without cessation. 

And even upon seeing this and knowing the effects of this our concern is minimal. Not one du’a, not one word of aid, not one news bulletin regarding Dammaj rather the concern is to expose the extremism of Hajoori under bright lights and to say that : “We take the position of the ‘Ulama of Sau’di”

People who are have memorized Qur’an, memorized several books of Hadeeth and teach it day and night we have no concern whatsoever for. Now if the same was happening to Ahlus Sunnah in Riyaadh there would have been much zeal and heightened activity but our brothers in Dammaj we do give scant regard and go about business as usual.

What happened to the Hadeeth that if part of the body hurts that the whole body becomes rife with sleepless nights and fever? This is indeed sad in one sense and in another it shows the Hizbeeyah and extremism of those who claim Salafeeyah in this time. 

Allahu Musta’aan 



One thought on “Where are the men of the Sunnah!!

  1. Assalaamu alaik. BaarakAllaahu feek. My sentiments exactly. May Allaah grant those who struggle upon His deen, victory Ameen!

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