True Salafeeyah- The Grand Mufti speaks

These are just some points from the Khutbah that the Grand Mufti gave on ‘Arafah today. And in it the Mufti spoke about Salafeeyah. Insha Allah, I will try to translate it using video. However, for now I will just leave some of the points with the readers:

Grand Mufti:

1. Oh Muslim, verily the correct understanding of Islam in its proper and complete picture it is true Salafeeyah

2. That which the companions were upon, their followers and those who traversed upon their path from the four Imams and other than them.

3. From its signs is that it is the straight path (some words unclear) “And this is my straight path so follow it.”

4. And from its signs is that the book and the Sunnah is the source of legislation and knowledge.

5. And from its signs is that it does not say that anyone is perfect (in what is propagated from religion) except the Messenger

6. And from its signs is that Tawheed is the most important matter… and calling to it. For this reason Allah has created the creation. And for this reason books were sent and messengers were sent

7. From its signs is dependence upon the understanding of the companions in understanding the evidences.

8. From it is that Islam is complete in terms of belief, worship, character, politics etc.

May Allah bless the Grand Mufti for clarifying the Aqeedah and Minhaaj of the Salaf.


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