Letter to Salafi Publications

This e-mail was sent to Maktabah As Salafeeyah on the 16/09/2011 one day after they posted their attack on Shaikh Yahya which contained lies, half-truths and exaggerations. Up to now I have not received any response pertaining to it therefore, since Salafi Publications have chosen to thread upon their path I have decided to expose this e-mail which I sent to them.
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,
I am writing you all concerning the post here:

__________________________________________________ ___________________

I am simply informing you that this post has the following inconsistencies and that if it is not taken from the forum these inconsistencies will be exposed to the public.
1. Writing under the name SPUBS.com. You all know better than me that this is a form of Tadlees called Tadlees Ush Shuyookh where the person narrating uses other names for the one he narrates from in order to remain unknown. Therefore, I advise you not to write under the names that are unknown since this is not from our Minhaaj.
2. The title itself is incorrect: Shaikh Yahya A; Hajooree his ghuluw and going beyond the bounds
As we know Al Ghuluww is going beyond the bounds in terms of one’s station. I would like to know in terms of which Usool that Shaikh Yahya has conformed with the Hadaadeeyah (because this is the claim). If this can be substantiated then by all means the claim would be correct. However, if not, then this is Buhtaan (accusing someone of something that they did not do).
Also has it occured to you that Muhammad Ibn Haadi and Abdullah Al Bukhari recently spoke ill of an Imam who has passed on (Shaikh Muqbil). Is not their speech from extremism or excess? When Muhammad Ibn Haadi said that Shaikh Yahya has thrown the yoke of the Sunnah off of him is this not excess? Apparantly, justice is not being done in this matter at all since one sides extremism is highlighted and even exaggerated upon and as for the extremism of Muhammad Ibn Haadi and Abdullah Al Bukhari everyone remains silent about it.
3. To make it seem that Shaikh Yahya Al Haajooree has nothing but disrespect for Shaikh Rabee’ is putting wool over the eyes of the readers. I guarantee that if you ask Shaikh Yahya or any student from Dammaj about the Shaikh they only have good to say. As for these poems which were written regarding the Shaikh’s stance in the Fitnah then this is advice for him not to fall deeper into it.
4. To make it seem that the Shaikh did not reprimand his students for some of their exaggerations in the poems is a complete and utter lie. The statement Imam Ath Thaqalain was retracted since the year 2008! Yet in 2011 you bring this up only to cause fitnah and to your own benefit.
See the following link:
__________________________________________________ ________________
5. Another descreprency is to suggest that the Shaikh disapproves and reprimands everyone who disagrees with him. This is strange indeed as the students of the Shaikh including Shaikh Abdul Hameed Al Haajori and Ustaadh Ahmad Banajah have clarified that they disagree with Shaikh Yahya in many instances in Fiqh issues.
But what is your point of “valid disagreement”?
– Placing Sadaqah boxes in the Masajid?
– Using the camera for Da’wah which you yourselves forbade Bilal Phillips from doing?
What is the “valid disagreement” are we speaking about?
6. Your statement:
The Westerner is deceived by the constant portrayal of Yahyah al-Hajooree as an “Allaamah”, an “Imaam”, the “Trustworthy adviser” and other exagerated praises that confuse the Westerner into thinking that al-Hajooree is of the level of Shaikh Muqbil (rahimahullaah) or Shaikh Rabee’, or even Ibn Baaz and al-Albaanee!
I have the hand written Wasiyah of Shaikh Muqbil where he said: “And do not take Yahya from the chair for he is a trustworthy advisor”
Also Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Aadam Al Ithiopi said he is “Al Allamah Al Muhaddith”
So I am guessing that these two scholars, one of them his teacher, exaggerated and confused the Muslims in praising Shaikh Yahya in such a manner?
And I do not think that any westerner thinks that Shaikh Yahya is on the level of his teacher, Shaikh Rabee’, Ibn Baaz, Al Albani or ‘Uthaimeen. This is only your assumption.
7. As for the advice in Hajj 2007, which I translated myself, it was an advice for both Shaikh Yahya and Abdur Rahmaan Al ‘Adeni. Therefore to make it seem that the advice only pertained to the “mistaken” Minhaaj of Shaikh Yahya is completely incorrect. And also, I would like any of you to elaborate upon this mistaken Minhaaj with Usool and evidences.
8. To make it seem that Shaikh Yahya went forth to damage Shaikh ‘Ubaid’s reputation is also incorrect. When in fact it was Shaikh ‘Ubaid who started to criticize Shaikh Yahya in a harsh manner regarding the University of Madeenah. Hence Shaikh ‘Ubaid was not dragged into the Fitnah by Shaikh Yahya rather Shaikh ‘Ubaid entered into it. And it ended up with Shaikh ‘Ubaid advising the people of Dammaj to take Shaikh Yahya to the authorities and he also ordered Shaikh Yahya’s guards to turn against him. Hence, the first one to “attack” and “vilify” was not Shaikh Yahya. Rather it was Shaikh ‘Ubaid.
9. You went against your own Usool where you say that the detailed disparagement takes precedence over the praise that is not detailed and you claimed that no one supported Shaikh Yahya in his criticism. At the end of the day this does not matter, rather what matters is the evidence which the disparager uses.
10. To equate Al Oloom to AHYA is injustice. AHYA has unknowns writing for them who speak ill of the Mashayikh. And apparantly it is the same with Salafi Publications who use SPUBS.com to write about Shaikh Yahya. Please reveal your name Oh writer.
And rather the website you take from (Wahyain) is similar to AHYA. Where there are unknowns who make fitnah between the scholars. But Masha Allah once it serves for the benefit of Salafi Publications it is allright to use the recordings, statements and even treatises from the unknowns.
11. To try to make Shaikh Yahya look like a demon who has enmity and hatred from Shaikh Rabee’ is incorrect. And may Allah ta’ala expose you for making it seem that way. Rather, Shaikh Yahya Al Haajoree is disturbed because of the fact that he knows the plots and plans of ‘Adeni and has brought evidence pertaining to this put to no avail. And in the tape: An Nush Al Badee’ he clarified his position in terms of the Fitnah at hand.
12. That Shaikh Yahya is filled with self praise and amazement at his own efforts. This comment without doubt shows your enmity and hatred toward Shaikh Yahya. It shows that you are trying to caracature him as a demon who is arrogant and accepts no other opinion or view except his.
What an evil and great accusation you have put on this scholar of Ahlus Sunnah.

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