Shaikh Yahya Al Haajoori

Without doubt this man is one of the scholars of the ‘Ummah and has spent his life seeking knowledge and spreading it. He has been praised by Shaikh Muqbil, Shaikh Rabee’, Shaikh Abdul Muhsin Al ‘Abbaad, Shaikh Muhammad Aadam Al Ithiopi and others.

Those who have studied in Dar Ul Hadeeth in Dammaj have become ‘Ulama, students of knowledge, authors, Khutabaa, those who make Tahqeeq of books and Takhreej of Hadeeth and other than this.

Therefore, to demonize such a man, trivialize his efforts and make him seem like a man who is ignorant, arrogant and amazed by himself is indeed incorrect. And I announce that I, Musa Millington, distance myself totally from Salafi Publications and their evil actions.


4 thoughts on “Shaikh Yahya Al Haajoori

  1. bismilla
    salam alaykum
    Yes What musa said is exactly true. i’m also is his stance
    i say ” the 1 who says abt Allamah asShaykh yahyaa al hajoore hafidhahullah as a FOOL is indeed a FOOL himself or worse ! ”
    hasbunAllahu ni’mal wakeel

  2. made mistake about sheikh yahya age he is born 1958 and his older then sheikh al imam —–when they were refuting the falsehood of spubs
    sheikh yahya is 54 and it says on the bio on alolooom SPUBS SAID SHEIKH AL IMAM WAS 20 years older then sheikh yahya rather it sheikh yahya who is older by two years.

    —-so i was wondering if you can make the correction for them

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