Assalamu Alaikum

I would like to announce that إن شاء الله I will be not be writing down on my wordpress account anymore. Rather I   I will be writing on this blog from now on:

And I am doing so for the following reasons:

1. The wordpress blog has a lot of clutter I need to get rid of.

2. I wish to put more focus on articles that deal particularly with the environment I am in (Trinidad). Hence, the articles would be more based upon issues pertinent to the Muslims in Trinidad rather than internationally.

Therefore, the wordpress account would remain as there many beneficial articles on it. However, some things which, after looking at it, was a complete waste of precious time would be deleted permanently.

And Allah knows best.


3 thoughts on “Assalamu Alaikum

  1. as’salaaamu alaykum brother!
    just wanted to clarify something that i read on aloloom website on the english section !
    i cudnt find the article on your blog , so i jus wantd to know did you write this article “my advice to my brothers to salafi publications”
    Many thanks

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