About the book “Al Ibanah” by Shaikh Muhammad Al Imam

At this time there are two books being spread this time by the Hizbeeyeen. One of them being “Al Ibanah” by Shaikh Muhammad Al Imam and the other: “Once again, Oh Ahlus Sunnah be gentle with Ahlus Sunnah” by the noble Muhaddith Shaikh Abdul Muhsin Al ‘Abbad. As far as I know the latter has been translated by Madeenah.com, however, the former has not been translated as yet.

On that note, I am currently translating Shaikh Ahmad An Najmi’s advice to Shaikh Abdul Muhsin concerning the original book: “Oh Ahlus Sunnah be gentle with Ahlus Sunnah,” and insha allah by next month it should be available after editing. However, at this point in time I would like to present one of the statements of Shaikh Yahya Al Haajori concerning Al Ibanah where he said:

This treatise resembles: “Oh Ahlis Sunnah be gentle with each other,’ by Shaikh Abdul Muhsin Al ‘Abbad- may Allah guide everyone- except that the treatise of Shaikh ‘Abbad is clearer in its intention, and the treatise of Shaikh Al Imam has more chapters. And Shaikh Najmi رحمه الله has refuted the treatise of Shaikh ‘Abbad with a beautiful refutation which was filled with clarity, advice and Justice. And it has been printed within the book: “Al Fatawa Al Jaleeyah ‘An Manahij Ad Da’weeyah” Daar Ul Minhaaj printed it from volume one page 220 to the end of the chapter.

As for the book of our brother Shaikh Muhammad Al Imaam- may Allah give him guidance- it is possible that one who claims to be upon the Sunnah may use it against us: (the Ikhwaan Al Muslimeen), or (the Qutubis)  or  (Abu Hasan), it is possible that they can take this book and use it against us. If they will they can change the title and the name of the author. And if they wish they can leave it as is, and take whatever they wish to take from it and then put it forward in the name of refuting us on the same subject. And it is possible that we can take the book and use it as a refutation upon them. Hence, the book can possibly be used by everyone who claims that they are upon the Sunnah and use it as a refutation on their opponents because it mentions evidences and narrations that are general and can take several meanings. And anyone can have it for his convenience.

الرسالة نظير رسالة: “رفقا أهل السنة بأهل السنة”، للشيخ عبد المحسن العبّاد –وفّق الله الجميع-، إلاّ أنّ رسالة الشيخ العبّاد أوضح قصداً، ورسالة الشيخ الإمام أكثر تبويباً. وقد ردّ الشيخ النجمي –رحمه الله- على رسالة الشيخ العبّاد ردًّا جميلاً محلى بالوضوح والنصح والإنصاف، طبع ضمن كتابه: “الفتاوى الجليّة عن المناهج الدعويّة”، طبعة دار المنهاج (1/220) إلى آخر الجزء.

أما رسالة أخينا الشيخ محمد الإمام –وفقه الله- فممكن أن يقلبها علينا كل من يدعي السنة: (الإخوان المسلمون) أو (القطبية) أو (أبو الحسن) ؛ يمكن أن يأخذوا هذا الكتاب ويقلبوه ضدنا إن شاءوا غيّروا العنوان أو غيّروا اسم المؤلف، وإن شاءوا تركوه على ما هو، وهذّبوا ما أرادوا تهذيبه منه، وصدروه باسم الردّ علينا بنفس المادة ؛ ونحن ممكن أن نأخذ الكتاب ونردّ به عليهم. فالكتاب يمكن أن يتجاذبه كل من يدّعي السنة في الردّ على الآخر لكونه فيه ذكر أدلة وآثار عامة مجملة كل قد يَسْحَبـُهَا لصالحه.


Insha Allah, I will translate the audio recording which contains questions that Shaikh Yahya was asked concerning the book as he clarifies some of the mistakes that it contains.


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