What Salafeeyah do you practice?

I have questions for everyone and please do not be shy to answer these questions since it seems that many who claim to be Salafi are practicing the following “versions” of Salafeeyah. Read on and you will see exactly what I mean.

Do we practice Salafeeyah which Imam Ahmad and Imam Au’zaee practiced?

Or do we practice:

1. “Salafeeyah” with an Ikhwani twist where we excuse the people of innovation, side with them, listen to them and increase the numbers in their gatherings!

Do we practice Salafeeyah based upon the understanding of the pious predecessors my dear brothers and sisters which is based upon Tasfiyah (purifying) and Tarbeeyah (nuturing)?

Or do we practice:

2. “Salafeeyah” with a political activist twist where we engage in participating in elections, protests and demonstrations thinking that this will give strength to the Ummah!

Do we practice the Salafeeyah which unites the Ummah upon the Qur’an and the Sunnah?

Or do we practice:

3. “Salafeeyah” with a mix of Hizbeeyah! Where anyone who opposes you and your partners and cronies is isolated and boycotted even if he has 1000 evidences with him!

Do we practice the Salafeeyah where we accept clear evidences?

Or do we practice:

4. “Salafeeyah” with a mix of  Madhab Partisanship! Where if you show someone evidences you are accused of the following:

  • Opposing the ‘Ulama
  • Relegating their statements to doubts and,
  • Forcing your opinion upon others
  • Changing the meaning of Ahadeeth

My dear brothers and sisters, really and truly, really and truly, do you practice Salafeeyah which is based upon the understanding and methodology of the pious predecessors toward Islam?

Or are you practicing a “Salafeeyah” that has come from your understanding and your desires?

بل الإنسان على نفسه بصيره  و لو ألقى معاذيره

Rather mankind has insight about himself. Even if he was to give you many excuses.

الله مستعان



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