Reason for deviation of some who claim Salafeeyah

وإن مما يؤسف له أن أناساً من طلبة العلم قد مكثوا زمنا وهم يصارعون أهل الباطل فملُّوا من طول الطريق وثِقَلِ العبء ، واستوحشوا من كثرة الخصوم وقلة النصير فبحثوا عن مخارج تبيح لهم التقارب مع المبتدعة والتعاطف معهم وتعلَّلُوا بشبهات يوهمون أنفسهم بأنهم لا يزالون على الجادة وهم قد فارقوها، ويزداد الأسف أنهم ملُّوا من صراع المبتدعة و أخذوا في صراع أهل السنة .

And what is saddening is that some of the students of knowledge spent time opposing the people of falsehood, however they became weary because of the long road ahead and the heavy burden (that was placed upon them), and they felt isolated because of the many opposers and little helpers so they searched for exits that made lawful for them closeness toward the innovator and having love for them. And they made excuses with doubts which made them feel that they continue to be upon the correct way and (in truth) they have left it. And what is even more saddening is that they got weary of battling against the innovators and began to battle against Ahlus Sunnah instead.

ومنهم من دخلت عليهم شبهات فشككتهم في دعوتهم بسبب قلة علمهم ، حتى أن بعضهم

أدخلوا عليه شبهة وهي أن أهل السنة متشددون فصدق ذلك فعاد على أهل السنة باللوم

And from them are those whom doubts have entered into their call because of their lack of knowledge to the extent that a doubt has entered some of them and it is that Ahlus Sunnah are harsh, and they believed this, and they continued to speak ill of Ahlus Sunnah.

وأصبح يقول لعل الأخوان المسلمين كانوا لا يستحقون كل ما قيل فيهم !! ولعل أهل السنة كانوا ظالمين لهم !!.


فضاع في قلوبهم باب الولاء والبراء وماتت في قلوبهم الغيرة على المنهج السلفي .

And they began to say that it is possible that the Ikhwaan Al Muslimeen did not deserve what was said about them and it is possible that Ahlus Sunnah oppressed them!

Therefore the principle of allegiance and disassociation (for Allah’s sake) was neglected and their jealousy for the Manhaj of the Salaf died.


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