Act upon your knowledge

Allah has said

يايها الذين امنوا استجيبوا لله و للرسول إذا دعاكم لما يحييكم

Oh ye who believe respond to Allah and his Messenger when they call you toward which will give you life.

This is a clear evidence for acting upon one’s knowledge that he has. Knowledge gives life to the person who practices it. And the one who does not practice what he knows is simply a dead man walking. We should not just seek knowledge just to be receptacles of information we already have computers, machines and books for that. Rather, we should seek in order to bring it and ourselves to life. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

To this, I notice that worldwide, and even in my country Trinidad there are many of those who have information and yet their understanding is naught. They may know how to quote evidences, they may know some Arabic, they may know some matters of the religion. However, when it comes to simple values such as honesty, integrity and steadfastness they are found wanting.

Imagine, and we see this worldwide, people who want to give da’wah but they are pathological liars. People who speak with words that soften the hearts but they are known for their sly nature. These people are even worse than the innovators as Shaikh Rabee’ has stated. I just want to remind such people that they can fool mankind but they are unable to fool Allah. And that Allah only carries this Da’wah with honest, trustworthy men and not dishonest miscreants like themselves.

The Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said:

يحمل هذا العلم من كل خلف عدوله ينفون عنه تحريف الغالين و انتحال المبطلين و تأويل الجاهلين

This knowledge will be carried by the trustworthy of the future generations. They will negate from it the distortions of those who are extreme, what the people of falsehood ascribe to it and away from the misinterpretations of the ignorant.

The trustworthy my dear readers. Not a person who lies, practices secrecy and looks for any fault he can possibly find to take down his opponent. No, not such a person but rather someone who practices justice and is trustworthy, honest and frank in all his dealings and speaks to the point with truth and evidence.

So I say to those who choose to live a double life that no matter how you lie and make yourself look like a victim the truth shall prevail over all things. And the day will make clear what the darkness of night hides. Therefore, make sincere repentance before Allah deals with you.


5 thoughts on “Act upon your knowledge

  1. Assalamua’laikum akhi Musa,
    I am abusobir from Malaysia. I found it very interesting to read all your posts. Alhamdulillah, it has been very beneficial for me and for the da’wah in general. If you dont mind can you send me your email address so I can communicate to you directly.

    jazakumullahu khair

  2. Assalaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmaatullaahi wa baarakatuh

    Jaazak Allaah khair, this is an excellent insightful post, maa shaa Allaah. The article highlights the importance of intention and sincerity to Allaah.

    Allaah subhaanahu wa ta’aala here describes the people who do not act upon their knowledge:

    “The likeness of those who were entrusted with the (obligation of the) Taurât (Torah) (i.e. to obey its commandments and to practise its legal laws), but who subsequently failed in those (obligations), is as the likeness of a donkey who carries huge burdens of books (but understands nothing from them). How bad is the example (or the likeness) of people who deny the Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allâh. And Allâh guides not the people who are Zâlimûn (polytheists, wrong-doers, disbelievers, etc.)” (Al-Jumu’ah 62:5)

    46) Abul-Fat’h Muhammad bin Ahmed bin abil-Fawaaris informed us, saying: ‘Alee bin ‘Abdillaah bin Al-Mugheerah narrated to us: ‘Abudullaah bin Al-Mu’taz said;

    “Knowledge without action is like a tree without fruit”

    He also said;

    “The knowledge of a hypocrite is in his speech, while the knowledge of a believer is in his actions.”

    From the book: Knowledge mandates action by Imaam Abu Bakr Ahmad bin ‘Alee Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadee (al-Ibaanah book publishing –2006)

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