About “Islamic Camps”

Shaikh Yahya Al Haajuri was asked:

Question: There are Islamic camps that come to us at certain periods of time. There are general lectures and some special programs for the youth but there are some issues that we dislike:

  • From Anasheed and not one night passes except that Anasheed are heard.
  • And games saying that they will bring the youth together.
  • And taking pictures and showing video clips in front of those who are present

What is the ruling of participating in this camp. And is it lawful to attend the lectures in this camp? And are there any books that are specific about the ruling of such camps?

Answer: This camp has some of the signs of the Ikhwani Hizbees. This is their method and way. The Anasheed and games which bring relaxation, with the claim that it will bring the youth together, and video footage. This is their call therefore beware of it. It is not a call to knowledge or the Sunnah and not toward what will truly benefit the people in their religion.

Rather it is a call uniting the youth and then brainwashing them with Hizbeeyah (partisanship) and it is co-operating upon what will bring about harm to the Muslims and their religion and making them partisan and co-operating upon sin and transgression which Allah has prohibited. Allah has said: “And co-operate upon righteousness and fearing Allah and do not co-operate upon sin and transgression and fear Allah for verily Allah is the most severe in punishment.”

Therefore, co-operating in these camps is upon what has been mentioned, attending these lectures, their games and other than this in what they are upon. This is attending places which bring no benefit, attending places where a person would be tried in his religion and then become from the Hizbees. Therefore we advise that the people stay away from this and its like and this is from the statement: “And advise upon truth and advise toward patience.” And from the statement: “The religion is advice” We said: “To whom Oh Messenger of Allah?” He said: “To Allah, his book and his messenger and to the Imams of the Muslims and the general folk.” Muslim narrated it on the authority of Tameem Ad Daari. (Radiallaho Anhu)

Question: Are there any books that give the ruling of these camps?

Answer: Yes there is a treatise about these camps (words that were unclear). There is some speech about it from Sa’eed Ibn Khudair Umar (May Allah reward him) from it is speech if one looks at it he will know what these people are upon in these camps and trips from the tactics of the partisans. And we have seen this from them.



One thought on “About “Islamic Camps”

  1. As salamu alaykom wa rahmatulLahi wa barakatuh,

    barakAllahu feek for your effort.
    Is it possible to send questions concerning personal issues to Ash-Shaykh Yahya (hafidhahuLah)?

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