Importance of Walaa and Baraa

The distinguished carrier of the flag of Jarh Wa Ta’deel in this time– even if the noses of others are turned up- the Muhaddith Ash Shaikh Rabee’ As Sunnah, may Allah preserve him, said:

May Allah give us and you his guidance and may he return us and you to the Manhaj of the Salaf Us Salih. Because verily, by Allah, there is a divide here between us and the Manhaj of the Salaf Us Salih, I ask Allah to return us to it.

And from the most important of it is allegiance and disassociation (Walaa Wal Baraa) as the Messenger said: “The most sturdy handhold of Imaan is loving for Allah and hating for Allah.” So at this time is this principle existant within us or did others take it away from us?

The principle of love and hate for Allah is this existant now in us?
Is everyone upon this? No by Allah… the current situation, and we know that now that the biggest testimony to this is that we don’t take this current situation seriously. Not so?

We felt this with our hands now that we find our youths with the people of innovations, those who have gone beyond the bounds and are oppressorstherefore is this Walaa and Baraa (for Allah’s sake)?

The statement of the Messenger is a proof upon us where he said: “Verily the souls are like platoons, whichever one knows the other will unite and whichever one dislikes the other it will disagree, a person is with whom he loves and they will be raised with such people. They loved them and their hearts and souls united with them and their hearts and souls have become distant with many of the Salafis.

Therefore my brothers we have to repent to Allah because we have done major oppresion and we have entered into a dangerous deviation therefore we have to return to Allah and return to the truth and return to the chapters of Walaa and Baraa and learn them my dear brothers.

And from the books dealing with this are:

  • Khalq ‘Afaal Al ‘Ibaad by Imam Al Bukhari and look at the stance of the Salaf toward the people of innovation.
  • And also Al I’tisaam by Imam Ash Shatibi
  • The Sunnah by Abdillah Ibn Ahmad
  • Ash Sharee’ah by Al Ajurri,
  • Sharh Usuul Al ‘Itiqaad Ahlus Sunnah by Al Lalakaaee
  • The Ibanatain (As Sughra and Al Kubrah) by Ibn Battah.

The one who does not read these books will not recieve clarity in understanding the Manhaj of the Salaf especially in the chapters of Walaa and Baraa. The enemies of Salafeeyah have wiped off the topic of Walaa and Baraa, they have wiped it clean off from the pages of the Salafi Manhaj therefore we have to return to this topic and learn it and preserve it and follow the way of the Salaf Us Salih may Allah be pleased with them.

Source: Tape: The effect of the Book and the Sunnah; side 2 from 37:53-40:16

I (Musa Millington) say: It is so true when the Shaikh said:

We find our youths with the people of innovations, those who have gone beyond the bounds and are oppressors

To add, Shaikh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez Rayyis mentioned that from the reasons by which a person may go astray is because he does not read the books of the Salaf. And from those which are available in English are:

1. The Explanation of the Creed : Imam Al Barbahari

2. The foundations of the Sunnah: Imam Ahmad

3. The belief of the people of the Sunnah the people of Hadeeth: Imam As Sabuuni.

4. The Belief of the Raaziyain.

And others.


3 thoughts on “Importance of Walaa and Baraa

  1. BismilLahi ar-rahmani ar-rahim
    As salamu 3alaykom wa rahmatulLahi wa barakatuh,

    barakAllahu feek for translating and posting this beneficial speech of Ash-Shaykh Rabee´ (my Allah preserve him).

    Can you please tell my whether “Khalq Af3aal al-3Ibaad” is available in either English or French and if yes, where I can purchase ist.

    JazakAllahu khayran

    Oum Ishaq

    • Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

      Unfortunately it is only in Arabic but it has other excellent books in English and French like Sharh Us Sunnah and others

  2. Alhamdullilah for the knowledge based naseehah from our father the scholar As-shaykh Rabee ibn haadee al-madkhalee, and may allah bless the brother Musa Millington…….

    I ask allah with all his blessing to gather ahl asunnah in this subject back towards the books of the salaf, and away from personalizing the subject……

    Yaa Allah Yaa Allah forgive me for all my shortcommings and all the brothers in this blessed dawah, and change my bad deeds into good ones and for all the brothers in this blessed dawah.

    And help all those who Strife for your sake in truth by way of heart, tong, and body!!!! in the whole world!!!!!! Ameeen!!!!

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