Shaikh Amaan Al Jaami’s advice to Madhab Partisans

From the book: The ruling upon a matter branches on knowing the issues surrounding that matter.

(One who studies the life of the four Imams and what they advised) would find that all of them advised their companions and their students to not make Taqleed. And to take where they took from and that they are men who are not given revelation. “They say a statement one day and they repudiate it tomorrow,” and that what is compuslory is to follow the guidance of the Messenger of Allah , and any student of knowledge uncovers one of the statements of an Imam from the Imams and knows that it is against the statement of the Messenger of Allah what is compulsory upon him is tio leave the statement of that Imam for the statement of the Messenger , this is what the Salaf of the virtuous generations were upon. They never knew Madhab Partisanship at all… and they did not have the opinion that one has to be followed except the Messenger .

(The people who call toward Taqleed) call the Muslims to divide into four sects when they say that it is compulsory to blind follow the four Imams, and at the same time they accuse the Salafis whom they call, The Ones who don’t follow Madhab (Al Laa Madhabeeyah) that they are the ones who divided the rows of the Muslims and this is a contradiction that is in no need of explanation (May Allah excuse them) and the stance of the Salafis is known, and their Da’wah is clear and has nothing unclear about it, and it is complete obidience to the Messenger of Allah , and that it is obligatory that the source of reference is one for all the Muslims, and verily it is the revelation from the Book and the Sunnah, with respecting the four Imams of the Muslims and asking Allah to have mercy upoon them and knowing their virtues. This is because Allah safeguarded the Shar’iah by their hands because of their knowledge and teaching and struggling and calling to the guidance of the Messenger of Allah and they make Ijtihaad in what there is no clear and explicit evidence and if they are correct they get two blesssings, one for making the effort and one for being correct. And if they are incorrect they get one blesssing which is the blessing for their effort…

This is the stance of the Salafis toward the Imams. This da’wah that is clear that has nothing unclear about it.


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