From the signs that a person is Hizbee

وقد سئل شيخنا الإمام الوادعي رحمه الله كما في تحفة المجيب 112
كيف يَحْذَرُ الشباب من الحزبيات غير الظاهرة والتي لا يحذر منها إلا قليل من الناس وكيف يعرف الشاب أنه خالف منهج السلف في ذلك؟
قال رحمه الله : يعرف بالولاء الضيق، فمن كان معهم فهم يكرمونه، ويدعون الناس إلى محاضراته وإلى الالتفاف حوله، ومن لم يكن معهم فهو يعتبر عدوهم . ….ألخ

The Imam Al Wadi’ee was asked as in the book Tuhfatul Mujeeb (112)

How can the youths warn against Hizbeeyah that is not apparant that which no one warns against except a few people. How can the youth know that one has gone against the way of the Salaf in this?

The Shaikh said: It is known by narrow allegiance. Whoever is with them they respect them and call the people to their lectures and to be around him and whomsoever is not with them he is seen as their enemy.


Thier allegiance and disassociation is not based upon the Sunnah. It is based upon who is with them and who is not with them especially when they do their evil actions of backbiting Salafis, carrying tales about the Salafis, telling lies about the Salafis etc. When at the same instance they defend people who are clearly deviant as if they are the Imams of the Sunnah.

And from Allah we come and to Allah we return.


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