Khutbah on establishing the religion

Given in Aldana street: 24/04/09

After Khutbatil Haajah..

For verily every Muslim whether male or female, good or evil, or upon the Sunnah or other than it seeks to establish this religion and have it as the most powerful in the land. This is because this religion is the religion of truth, the religion of Tawheed, the religion of the Prophets and the Messengers, the religion of justice, the religion og unity and brotherhood and guidance . Allah has said: “He is the one who has sent his Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth to conquer all religions and Allah is enough as a witness.”

Know Oh Muslims that Allah has not left anything out of his book. And he has made clear the way toward establishing the religion and making it firm upon the earth, for those who want it, with clarity. Allah has said in his book: “Allah has promised those who believe from you and do righteous deeds that he would make you inherit the earth as those before them inherited the earth and he would establish the religion that he is pleased with firmly on the earth and he will replace their fears with safety. They worship me and don’t associate partners with me.”

Allah has promised us that this inheritance of the earth, meaning to inheriti it after the righteous, and establishment of the religion, and safety of the Muslims never comes except with establishing the oneness of Allah and obidience to him and obidence to the Messenger . For Imaan and the oneness of Allah come with knowledge and good deeds are those deeds which go in congruence with the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger . And the Messenger of Allah has mentioned in an authentic Hadeeth which showed the reasons for the weakness of the Muslims because of their deviating from the Shari’ah and their love for the Dunya said: “Allah will put humiliation over you, he will not lift it until you return to your religion.”

Yes, Return, for returning to what the Messenger of Allah was upon and his companions is the way to power and establishment of the religion. And to this Imam Malik said: “The last of this Ummah will not be rectified except by which the first of this ummah was rectified by.” And the one who is sucessful is the one who follows the way of the ancient ones (referring to the companions of the Messenger )

Second Khutbah:

Upon us Oh Muslims is to reflect on this verse and look at our condition with it. . And it is upon us to know that the power is with Allah alone. Allah hqas said: “Whomsoever wants power then Allah has all the power.” And Allah said: “And Allah has the power and his Messenger and the believers but the hypocrites do not know.” And Allah has made it Haraam for us to seek power from other than him like the way of the Hypocrites. Allah has said: “Do they wish for power from them then the power is with Allah only.” There is no power when one goes against the Shari’ah. There is no power in revolutions or fighting the Muslim rulers or democracy or elections. And not by innovations or partisanship that seperates the religion and makes the Muslims into groups and parties.

Power for the Muslims is only with obidience to Allah and worshipping him alone and obidience to the Messenger . And establishing the religion is through obidience of Allah and his Messenger . It isn’t by entering parliament and other than it. Therefore it is upon every Muslim to start with himself and submit totally to Allah and to worship him has one and to obey the Messenger and to make the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger as a judge in his life. And he has to place emphasis on his family and his Masjid so that this good would spread. For there is no establishment of the religion on the earth until we establish it within ourselves and there is no inheritance of the earth got us unless we do good deeds that go according to the Shari’ah. Allah said: “Allah doesn’t change a people unless they change what is within themselves.”


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